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The benefits of better power quality

Merus Power Dynamics Oy
Merus Power Dynamics provides solutions for a variety of power quality problems encountered in industry, by utilities, and in renewable energy generation with its dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering technology. Customer benefits include energy savings, increased revenues, and the ability to meet the grid connection criteria imposed on renewable energy projects.

Merus Power Dynamics’ solutions for improving power quality, energy efficiency, and enhancing the grid connectability of renewable energy – in the form of active filters, statcoms, and SVCs – offer excellent reliability and rapid payback times. Much of this is due to the intensive R&D work that the company has carried out and which has resulted in state-of-the-art modular control and protection systems that provide virtually real-time response times to power quality problems.

Merus Power’s A-series active filters, for example, are smaller and have a higher power density and lower losses than most of the competition, while their interactive touch-screen interface is easy to use and their innovative main circuit design ensures excellent cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to their modular system architecture, the company’s M-series statcoms can be easily tailored to customer-specific requirements and supplied as a containerised, factory-tested solution. Systems can be added in parallel to cover a power range extending up to hundreds of MVars; hybrid solutions, partially based on passive components, can also be supplied.

Equally useful for renewable energy and industry

Merus Power’s statcoms are particularly useful for wind farms and other renewable energy generators, as they enable them to meet the grid code requirements set by the authorities and/ or transmission companies and ensure that their point-of-grid connections function as required. Merus’ sophisticated Modular Controller Concept (MCC ) hardware and software design means that customised solutions based on proven building blocks can be supplied to control parameters such as power factor, voltage output, and lowvoltage ride-through requirements.

Merus Power’s statcoms also have a lot to offer industry in terms of reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering and reducing downtime and operating costs. Reliable power is essential for keeping the key processes in the steel, mining, and oil & gas industries running smoothly. Merus offers a range of engineering services and solutions for arc furnaces and rolling mills in the steel industry and applications in other energy-intensive industries that face difficult and fluctuating loads.

Merus Power solutions – and the clean power and enhanced energy efficiency they deliver – can be very useful in numerous other industrial and commercial environments, such as metro stations and shopping centres, where non-linear loads have become an increasingly common fact of life. Reliable power is also essential for ensuring that rail passengers and cargo reach their destination safely and on-time.

Merus Power offers engineering, procurement, and project management services for a wide range of needs.
> Kari Tuomala
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)