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Smart choices save energy

VEM motors Finland Oy
High performance and energy-efficient flexibility are hallmarks of the solutions VEM motors Finland offers. Smarter choices really do deliver major energy savings, as the company’s customers across multiple industries have found.

Customers in areas ranging from pulp and paper and mining to material handling, energy, shipbuilding, and wastewater treatment have benefited from VEM motors Finland’s solutions and their use of conical gears, high-efficiency induction motors, and other advanced technologies to deliver excellent operational performance. VEM has also been an industry leader in bringing its offering up to the latest EU target performance levels in terms of energy efficiency, well ahead of official requirements.

Companies like Outokumpu and Metso, amongst others, rely on solutions from VEM. Many pulp and paper mills also use packages from VEM, as they can operate reliably and uninterruptedly for extended periods and deliver valuable savings in energy usage. The 24/7 service provided by VEM also plays a key part in ensuring that things keep running with a minimum of downtime.

Simpler can often be better…

Typical of the benefits that VEM solutions can offer is the package developed for SAH-KO’s AEROCLAUS® air curtains. Based on over 10 years of R&D, these units can reduce the heat loss from large doors and loading bays by up to 90% and eliminate temperature fluctuations and draughts for people working nearby.

Rather than rely on a conventional approach using multiple components, VEM decided to integrate the ‘smarts’ needed to keep track of parameters – such as interior and exterior temperatures and wind speed – directly into the Vacon variablespeed AC drives used. This ensures that the right amount of air is fed at the right speed into the air curtain, which is activated automatically when a door is opened, without wasting heat or money.

As an AEROCLAUS® unit always blows nonheated air, no air filtering is needed; and as the system contains no elements or components that must be cleaned, little maintenance is needed either.

… and much more energy-efficient

Energy-efficiency technology from VEM has also been used in a new sawmill in Sweden. The largest in Scandinavia and capable of producing 750,000 cubic metres of sawn timber a year, this was commissioned in January 2011.

Choosing VEM-supplied combinations of motors, planetary gears, and variable-speed drives can result in much greater energy efficiency, better system control, and other benefits.
Excellent productivity and cost-efficiency were key priorities for the facility; as a result, the design engineers selected motors, planetary gears, and variable-speed AC drives from VEM rather than conventional hydraulic systems. This has given the sawmill greater energy efficiency and better system control, reduced maintenance needs, and eliminated the need to deal with lubricant leaks. It was also cheaper in terms of capital costs as well.

Solutions that make a difference

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Complete solutions based on partnerships with experts in fields such as variable-speed AC drives and automation
  • Comprehensive service.
> Kari Randell
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)