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Helping everyone save energy

Ensto has become well-known for its advanced, highly energy-efficient and reliable solutions. Given the urgent need for more sustainable energy, Ensto has decided to focus on clean, recyclable, and innovative solutions. By helping improve energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development, Ensto wants to play its part in building a better society.

Founded in 1958 and with operations in 20 countries today, Ensto specialises in reliable and energy-efficient electrical systems and components with a focus on sustainability. Its customers include power plants, electrical supply wholesalers, electrical contractors, designers and technicians, and OEM companies in the electrical and electronics industries. Enabling customers – and society and people in general – to use energy more efficiently is an underlying priority in both product development and manufacturing.

In recent years, for example, Ensto has become a leader in designing and manufacturing charging systems for electric vehicles and a specialist in energy-efficient buildings, with ventilation products that offer an impressive 80% energy efficiency rating.

Efficient electricity distribution and smart grids are another Ensto speciality. All of Ensto’s products are recyclable and its production facilities are based close to its customers to minimise its transportation-related carbon footprint.

Reliable distribution solutions for greener energy

Ensto’s technology for energy-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly electricity networks has become highly respected worldwide.
Ensto’s technology for energy-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly electricity networks has become highly respected worldwide. Solutions and product packages for overhead lines and underground cable networks – with a focus on loss-free distribution, network automation, and bi-directional, automatic distribution – are developed in close cooperation with customers.

The role of the consumer is changing, and the old model of a power plant at one end of the chain and the consumer at the other will soon be dead. Consumers will, in fact, become micro power plants of their own, depending on their electrical needs, and shift into the role of power suppliers at times.

Solutions for sun and wind power

Ensto is a professional in providing customer-specific enclosure solutions for demanding environments. With a range of applications for the wind energy industry, as well as solar energy needs, and very familiar with these segments, Ensto can be relied on to offer solutions that meet customers’ specific needs. Material choices are always made together with customers to optimise manufacturability and technical performance.

While Ensto has long been a leader in the production of tailored enclosures, it began producing enclosures suitable for ATEX environments a few years ago. These systems are used to protect electrical components in potentially dangerous environments, with a particular focus on customers’ need for flexibility.

Energy-efficient living

Helping people use energy more efficiently in their everyday lives is also an Ensto priority, and the company has developed an extensive range of unique expertise and solutions in the field of integrated building technology.

The Ensto Hybrid House combines efficient ventilation, heat recovery, precisely adjusted and controlled electric heating, and energy-efficient lighting solutions to achieve new standards of overall energy efficiency at a very cost-effective price. Particular emphasis has been given to making it easy to control a home’s internal climate and keep heating costs down, while ensuring comfort and an attractive quality of life.

Ensto has become a leader in designing and manufacturing charging systems for electric vehicles. The flexibility of Ensto’s technology means that it is easy to deploy various payment modes, monitoring applications, and GPS solutions.
Ensto also offers energy-efficient solutions for electrical supply, lighting, and ventilation needs in apartment buildings. Ensto’s motion- controlled lighting technology plays a particularly important role here. Simple to install, Ensto’s products have been developed to meet the lighting needs of everything from staircases and corridors to laundry rooms, garages, and kitchens.

Solutions can save a building up to 60% in its energy costs, thanks to the use of motion detectors, such as Ensto PIR (passive infrared), which reacts to body temperature in combination with movement, and Ensto Radar, which reacts to all types of movement. In at the dawn of the EV age Anticipating the impeding dawn of the electric vehicle age, Ensto has become one of the first companies to offer off-the-shelf solutions for EV charging. Its first-generation products for slow charging have been available since 2010 and the company is now developing the next generation of charging systems.

Installing, maintaining, and upgrading Ensto’s charging poles are easy thanks to their modular structure. Their timeless design makes them ideal for a wide variety of urban environments, while their durable, stainless steel exterior helps keep them clean whether they are groundor wall-mounted. A three-colour LED indicator makes it easy for users to see how charging is progressing. Although primarily intended for free charging, they can also be controlled via parking payment terminals.

Ensto was recently selected to provide the charging posts and related infrastructure for an extensive system in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Ensto charging poles have been installed all over the city, at workplaces, in car parks, at the side of the road, in commuter car parks, shopping centres, and elsewhere. The flexibility of Ensto’s technology means that it will be easy to deploy various payment modes, monitoring applications, and GPS solutions as and where needed.


(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)