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A better class of lighting

Valopaa’s LED light modules and fittings offer high energy efficiency, a long service life, and easy maintenance. Originally developed primarily for road and street lighting, they can be used for many other lighting needs as well.

Valopaa’s products, many of them patentpending, are based on a modular LED lighting platform developed in-house by the company’s R&D team. Reliability, good lighting performance, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and usability across a range of environments were all central priorities in development work.

Unlike traditional light sources, which perform at their best the hotter they are, LED components perform more reliably and are more energy-efficient the cooler they are. A good LED light fixture, therefore, must be able to transfer heat efficiently away from the module and be dust- and waterproof, otherwise component lifespans will be shortened and lighting capacity reduced. As a result, Valopaa pays special attention to heat control and protecting against the ingress of dust and moisture.

Given the enormous difference between LED components from different manufacturers, it also very important to select the best for each application and combine them with good optical design to make the most of the inherently lower light loss possible with LED technology.

Well-designed LED light fixtures, like those from Valopaa, require very little maintenance, and their LED modules can function reliably for between 20 to 30 years. This compares very favourably to the service intervals of 2-4 years typical of traditional lighting. The modular structure of the Valopaa platform enables individual modules and power supplies to be replaced easily, and will remain serviceable regardless of future developments in LED technology.

Valopaa’s VP1301 street light fixture is available in eight different output capacities and can be used for a wide range of locations in even the toughest conditions; and is approved by the Finnish Transport Agency.
To ensure that its fixtures deliver the desired type and level of lighting and keep the amount of wasted light to a minimum, Valopaa has developed a range of optical designs tailored to different needs and always ensures that its fixtures can be aligned very precisely.

Reliable and easy to maintain

Valopaa’s LED street light fixtures are ideal for area lighting and lighting sports areas, as well as street lighting, and are equally suitable for replacing existing low-pressure sodium or halogen lighting and greenfield sites.

Users can choose from a selection of different optical lenses to achieve the optimum light distribution, and add more LED modules if more light is needed in specific locations.

Valopaa’s LED spotlights are perfect for livening up courtyards, parks, buildings, and other areas, as well as illuminating underpasses, bridges, and road signs. By using different lenses, the same fixture can create either a narrow beam of light to spotlight a specific object or a wide beam of light for more general illumination.

Using Valopaa’s street lighting lenses, the company’s LED spotlights can be used to illuminate pedestrian paths or create novel courtyard lighting effects. Compared to halogen lights, they provide the same level of lighting but use substantially less energy.

> Toivo Vilmi
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)