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The gateway to smarter future networks

New-generation electricity meters, data communication, and software solutions and services supplied by Aidon to major energy and service companies around the world are leading the way in the adoption of the latest remote meter-reading technology.

Smart grids and smart metering have a lot to offer in a world where improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions are seen as increasingly important goals. These new solutions can respond very flexibly to changes in tariffs and loads and will help reduce the need to build expensive peak-load generating capacity – and should also ultimately cut electricity prices and emissions.

Transforming a conventional grid into a smart grid calls for a new mind-set and the type of technology offered by Aidon, which provides open architecture-based tools for day-to-day network operations and managing energy usage at household level.

Flexible, scalable, and future-proof

Aidon’s solutions are both flexible and scalable in terms of future functionalities and provide clear cost and business benefits today. The company’s new-generation remote meter-reading system, for example, offers a number of smart grid features, such as daily collection of hourly values, automatic remote software updating, and realtime management of low-voltage network data.

Aidon’s commitment to an open architecture and modularity means that the various components of a system can be chosen from different suppliers, and systems can be optimally tailored to a customer’s specific needs – resulting in clear cost savings and improved levels of customer satisfaction.

The products in the Aidon 5500 family combine a reliable energy meter with a data communication bus and an associated system module. The latter connects the meter to the reading system and opens up the opportunity for recording time-stamped registry values, controlling loads, registering power outages, generating power quality and fault information, and reading external status information. Any requirements for changes in the future will be handled by remote software upgrades via OTAP (Over the Air Provisioning).

Compatible with most commercially available metering systems, Aidon meters can be adapted to any system via a system module engineered for the specific system in question. And if a system module needs to be replaced during the meter’s life cycle, this can be done very easily without replacing the core meter.

The heart of the system

Aidon technology transforms conventional grids into smart grids and opens us new opportunities for energy companies and consumers to make more efficient use of energy.
Aidon Gateware lies at the heart of Aidon’s open architecture and acts as a front-end solution between meter devices and business systems, reading metering information and log and status information and passing it on to the relevant system. It is also responsible for changing the configuration of smart meters as and when needed.

Aidon Gateware is designed to be transparent in terms of communication, and all communication and protocol-specific items are handled via drivers. This makes it easy to integrate with business systems. Operational control can be handled through a business system or the Gateware user interface.

> Timo Chrons
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)