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Working for a truly ecological, resource-efficient urban future

Global EcoSolutions Ltd.
Global EcoSolutions, a venture company of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, is dedicated to making use of state-of-the-art know-how in integrated solutions for ecological urban areas offering superior performance and minimum environmental impact.

To meet the challenge represented by rapid urbanisation, the world needs to switch from a linear economy that generates every-growing amounts of waste to a circular one that prioritises resource efficiency and regeneration. This means focusing on a sustainable urban model designed from the ground up with things like waste reduction and energy efficiency in mind.

Global EcoSolutions is working towards this goal through its network of experts and business partners to provide solutions for both completely new developments and revamping existing urban areas. Its emphasis is on integrated solutions that combine the best available know-how, technologies, software, and services to meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations and generate unique new benefits and value.

This partnership-driven approach enables Global EcoSolutions to access the latest market intelligence to maximise the value of its offering and leverage the best expertise and scientific back-up available. It also promotes a holistic mind-set for optimising sustainable environmental, community, and utility systems; and ensures a continuous flow of innovations. It also ensures that local players are involved, alongside specialists with the skills, scale, and technology to operate globally.

Opening up new channels

One of the ways that Global EcoSolutions promotes its partnership thinking is through its Global EcoPortal, a tool for producers to market their innovative technology solutions on markets that could otherwise often remain unreachable for small and medium-size players.

The Global EcoPortal provides up-to-date information on on-going and upcoming projects, how to participate, and how to become a preferred partner in the GlobalEco Innovation System. In addition to helping businesses become preferred partners in their own right, the Global EcoPortal is also designed to encourage them to cooperate to improve the performance of their products and services.

The GlobalEco Innovation System brings together technology companies, research institutions, universities, and other bodies with those looking for technological expertise to spearhead their own product development. Global EcoSolutions’ role here is very much that of a technology transfer intermediary.

Broad scope

The scope of a Global Ecosolutions’ project can comprise green buildings, a distributed multisource energy supply, integrated water and waste management, urban logistics, ICT infra, and operating and management services – or any combination of the above. Its Global EcoMetrics System encompasses the entire life cycle of an urban unit and is customised for each project, defining performance targets for planning, construction, and operation.

Global EcoSolutions’ focus covers both new urban developments that are planned with sustainability in mind from the start, like this project in Nanching, China, and ‘eco-upgrading’ existing areas.
> Reijo Kohonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)