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Engineering balanced sustainability

Pöyry is a global consulting and engineering company dedicated to balanced sustainability and responsible business – and delivers best-in-class management consulting, total solutions, and design and supervision across a wide range of fields.

A more sustainable world calls for new engineering and technology solutions, both areas where Pöyry can make a real difference. Its in-depth expertise extends across the energy, industry, urban & mobility, and water & environment fields. In line with its dedication to balanced sustainability – a holistic, multidimensional approach to sustainability – Pöyry strives to achieve a balance between the economic, environmental, and social dimensions in the more than 15,000 projects that it executes annually.

Tackling increasing energy consumption

Pöyry has decades of experience in delivering a wide range of energy-related solutions that meet the demands set by balanced sustainability.

Bioenergy, waste-to-energy, and solar thermal are playing increasingly important roles in the supply of sustainable energy. Using smart solutions, the energy efficiency of a gas- or coalfired plant can be increased from as little as 25% to as much as 90%, for example. High-efficiency thermal power is ideal for sustainable solutions in areas such as thermal desalination for drinking water needs, district heating, and district cooling.

Pöyry is particularly passionate about designing and implementing energy-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plants; and is one of the world’s leading hydropower and nuclear energy engineering service providers, offering low lifecycle emissions of CO2.

Finding the right balance for industry and cities

Pöyry’s commitment to balanced sustainability helps create a brighter future for communities worldwide.

Technological development will be instrumental in solving many of the challenges faced by our plant. By being at the forefront of this work, Pöyry can apply the best available technology to its solutions and ensure that its clients receive stateof- the-art plants featuring class-leading performance in terms of energy, water, and raw material efficiency, as well as safety and emissions.

The world’s cities are also facing new challenges, primarily because of rapid urbanisation. With its expertise in designing advanced transportation systems and its proven experience in major transportation projects worldwide, Pöyry offers comprehensive solutions that take all modes of transport into account. Pöyry also has extensive urban and spatial planning capabilities to help its clients develop new city environments and improve existing ones.

Creating a brighter future

Ensuring that people have access to clean water is instrumental to everyone’s well-being. Industrialised countries need to deal with aging water networks and upgrade and improve wastewater treatment processes; while many developing countries need to implement entire systems that are both sustainable and financially feasible.

Pöyry’s vast experience forms a solid basis for tackling these challenges, and the company can offer its clients a full range of innovative and sustainable consulting and project development, engineering, project and construction management services, together with operational and maintenance services.

(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)