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Waste is a valuable resource, with the right know-how

BMH Technology Oy
BMH Technology’s mission is to create value by delivering heavy-duty, modular turnkey waste processing, biomass fuel, and solid recovered fuel handling solutions that offer high availability and low lifetime costs. Its customers include power plants, pulp & paper mills, and cement plants.

Virtually any type of combustible waste – from municipal, commercial, and industrial waste to scrap tyres, textiles, big bags, plastic film, and waste paper – can be converted into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) using BMH Technology’s TYRANNO SAURUS® process. Harmful substances and recyclable materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, sand, and stone are separated out from the waste stream for onward use.

The resulting SRF is high-quality fuel that meets the European Standard for Solid Recovered Fuel (CEN/TC 343) and can be used to replace non-renewable fossil fuels in power boilers and cement kilns. Its benefits include being locally produced, cheap, and not subject to global price fluctuations; it also has a high calorific value and low CO2 emissions. With a typical heating value of 20 MJ/kg compared to approx. 25 MJ/kg for coal, 1.3 tonnes of SRF can replace a tonne of coal very cost-effectively.

This type of fuel is a particularly attractive option for cement kilns, which require large amounts of energy and operate at high combustion temperatures. BMH Technology’s TYRANNO SAURUS® units overcome the shortcomings of traditional crushers and shredders in processing tyres into fuel for kilns’ precalciners and are capable of automatically processing 3,000 tyres an hour into 70 mm tyre-derived fuel (TDF) in a single pass. The process is also unaffected by entrapped metal and occasional rims.

Expanding into Asia

One of the latest cement production sites to benefit from TYRANNO SAURUS® technology is in Thailand. Capable of processing some 750,000 t/a of municipal waste or around a quarter of the total amount of municipal waste generated in Bangkok, the BMH Technology-supplied facilitiy will provide SRF for three kilns when it is handed over in spring 2011.

The facility has also been designed to take advantage of ‘landfill mining’, which makes use of waste already dumped at landfills and which has often proved very challenging to use in this way before. Metal recovery will further add to the added value generated.

Renewable energy will account for as much as 70% of the total energy content of the SRF, which will bring major savings in fuel costs and a valuable reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the imported coal that was used previously. It will also reduce landfill waste volumes and the greenhouse gas and potential groundwater pollution associated with this material.

The project is the single largest delivery of its type by BMH Technology so far, its first to a customer in Asia, and most probably the world’s largest SRF-based project to date as well. In addition to the SRF facility itself, the delivery also includes an upgraded fuel handling system, automated intermediate storage silos, and fuel feeders for the site’s kilns.

The new TYRANNOSAURUS® SRF facility supplied by BMH Technology to a customer in Thailand will be capable of processing 750,000 t/a of municipal waste.
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> Peter Wallenius
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)