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We turn conventional ideas upside down

Doranova’s solutions are ideal for purifying the contaminated leachate water from landfills. The company believes that many environmental problems can be transformed into opportunities thanks to its technology.

The DoranovaTreat landfill productivity system – combining technologies such as reverse osmosis, soil washing, and microturbine-based biogas generation – is a good example of what Doranova’s approach can offer.

The system eliminates the problems normally associated with polluted runoff, transforms contaminated soil into material that can be sold on for productive use, and uses the methane produced by organic waste as it decomposes to generate heat and power.

Doranova’s expertise in dealing with heavy metals, oil-based compounds, PAH compounds, impregnating substances, chlorinated solvents, and other chemicals also comes in useful when cleaning up industrial sites when they need to be repurposed for housing and other use. For sites still in operation, Doranova can tailor remedial work to ensure that it does not interfere with ongoing activities.

Advanced filter solutions

DoAct® filters play an important part in guaranteeing the smooth running and cost efficiency of Doranova’s solutions.

Covering a range of needs, these filters offer long service intervals and easy replacement of filtration media. Thanks to the simplicity of the modular system used, Doranova can deliver a fully functioning filtering system very rapidly once the best configuration has been selected for a site.

Tapping the sun’s energy

Doranova also offers solutions based on its Solar- Blue® solar collectors for producing warm water for household use or for a heating system.

Using the power of the sun in this way is very efficient, as no batteries or electricity are needed and no energy is lost in converting solar energy into electrical energy. A couple of collectors can produce virtually all of the warm service water needed in a medium-sized family home, and a system will pay itself back very quickly.

Doranova’s SolarBlue® collectors repel water more efficiently than other collectors and feature a sturdy structure that supports the entire collector and reduces the pressure on the glass surface. Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, extensive tests have shown that they are fully capable of handling the wind, snow, and hail typical of northern climates.

Doranova’s water treatment, soil remediation, gas purification, bioenergy, and solar energy solutions highlight how innovation can eliminate problems and turn them into business opportunities. The facility shown here is designed to treat polluted groundwater.
> Pasi Mäkelä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)