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Making a success of green commodity markets

Grexel Systems Ltd.
Grexel Systems provides core business infrastructure solutions and services for environmental commodity markets, and is the issuing body for EECSĀ® certificates in Finland and Sweden. More than 600 million MWh of renewable energy have been traded in systems provided by Grexel to date.

Governments and government agencies worldwide are faced by a massive task: introducing and managing new systems and markets to promote energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, and renewable energy generation. Certificate trading schemes are an essential building block in addressing this challenge, and Grexel has become a leading player in developing and maintaining flexible and dependable software solutions for tracking the ownership of green value through these schemes.

In addition to providing the technical infrastructure needed, Grexel can help in the design and introduction of new energy certificate market schemes tailored to the needs of individual markets and countries – drawing on its extensive experience in and in-depth knowledge of green commodity market dynamics and trading technology.

This includes providing recommendations on implementing legislation, regulations, and domain protocols, as well as helping develop administrative procedures and metering systems and manage integration with the surrounding infrastructure.

A pain-free central registry system

Grexel is the largest EECSĀ® (European Energy Certificate System) issuing body in terms of the number of countries and certificate schemes covered, and the second-largest in terms of issued energy volumes.

The company’s operating model and issuing process is based on guarantees of origin as defined in the EU RES-E directive and national legislation, as this provides a simple and cost-effective way to implement a high-quality green certificate trading scheme.

CMO.grexel acts as Grexel’s central registry service for guarantees of origins and other certificates. The service is continuously updated to meet the requirements of new regulations or amended standards. It can also be easily configured to support any national standards and labels, and localised to support different languages and local date, number, and character formats. Certificates that can be handled vary from national green electricity certification schemes to disclosure certificates from nuclear power plants and other energy sources.

CMO.grexel is based on industrystandard technology and runs on proven and secure Microsoft server platforms and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft business software.

Understanding that a central registration system needs to be flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of different countries, Grexel designed CMO.grexel as a modular platform, which means that it can meet the requirements of both existing and future trading schemes. It also utilises a robust security infrastructure, with strong authentication and fine-grained authorisation.

Ministries, regulatory bodies, transmission system operators, utilities, and energy suppliers in countries such as Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, and Sweden use Grexel central registry systems.
> Marko Lehtovaara
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)