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Committed to indoor air

Halton Group Oy Ltd.
A specialist in indoor climate and environment solutions, Halton aims to create comfortable and safe indoor environments that are energy-efficient and sustainable over their entire life cycle.

Halton’s ventilation solutions cover a wide range of applications, from public and commercial buildings to industry, commercial kitchens, and restaurants. Halton is also a leading indoor climate solution-provider for marine and offshore applications. The company’s expertise and products cover air diffusion, airflow management, fire safety, kitchen ventilation, air purification, and indoor environment management.

Halton believes that being involved at every stage, from the design phase to usage and modernisation or repurposing, is the best way to deliver an optimum result.

During the design phase, Halton’s advanced laboratories test indoor environment conditions using full-scale tests or computer simulations to ensure that performance targets are met. Cooperation with a network of research facilities helps adapt products and solutions to the specific requirements of individual markets and customers, and provides valuable input for product development.

Halton has been a pioneer in offering userfocused indoor environment management and development services. The company verifies the indoor environment conditions and user satisfaction levels in new buildings and analyses and solves specific indoor environment problems in existing buildings as a turnkey service.

Commercial kitchens are an excellent example of what Halton’s approach can offer in terms of low energy consumption and emissions to the outside air. The Halton M.A.R.V.E.L system provides a comprehensive solution for managing a kitchen’s entire kitchen indoor environment based on appliance activity. This approach can yield a reduction in energy consumption of over 50%. Innovations like this have seen Halton become the global market leader in kitchen ventilation.

A well-designed and well-functioning ventilation system – combined with good overall space design – saves energy, eliminates day-to-day problems, and helps create pleasant and healthy working conditions.

Halving energy consumption in professional kitchens

Its excellent track record in promoting greater energy efficiency and better indoor climates has made Halton the global market leader in kitchen ventilation.
Professional kitchens often consume unnecessarily large amounts of energy when compared to other spaces. Ventilation systems in a commercial kitchen typically operate at 100% of capacity, for example, regardless of kitchen appliance usage.

Energy consumption can be cut significantly by introducing demand-based ventilation such as the Halton Marvel system, which reduces both heating and electricity consumption. Heat recovered from exhaust air can be used either for heating supply air or for heating water with a heat pump.

Halton Marvel is the first intelligent, responsive, and completely flexible demand-controlled ventilation system for commercial kitchens. It monitors the status of each kitchen appliance constantly and adjusts airflows and duct pressure levels accordingly. Adjustments are made independently, hood-by-hood, to keep power consumption to a minimum.

The flexibility of the system means that it can be reprogrammed at any time in response to changes in kitchen or galley layout.

Better design brings other benefits as well

Energy savings can benefit restaurants’ profitability significantly; a typical diner, for example, can save thousands of euros a year by using an energy-efficient Halton Marvel system, making for a short pay-back time.

Customer satisfaction will improve, thanks to a better indoor environment with appropriate temperature and humidity levels and no unwanted odours, as will employee satisfaction. Too many kitchen staff have to put up with hot conditions, draughts, excessive humidity, noise, and poor air quality – all conditions that typically result in high staff turnover and high training and recruitment costs.

Following its launch in 2010, the Halton Marvel system has received innovation awards in a number of countries. Halton kitchen ventilation technology has also been recognised as best in class in two Foodservice innovation awards.

> Anu Korhonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)