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Partnering up to leverage carbon and renewable value

GreenStream Network Plc
GreenStream Network provides investment opportunities and other services in the carbon and renewable energy field – and has been voted ‘Best Broker’ in the ‘Renewable Energy Certificates – Europe ex-UK’ category of Environmental Finance and Carbon Finance’s annual market survey every year since 2004.

The threat to the environment, human welfare, and the economy posed by climate change means that powerful mitigation measures will be needed if we are to achieve a more sustainable future. Increased investment in sustainable projects, markets, and solutions is essential.

GreenStream’s mission is to meet the demand for sustainability and value creation in today’s world of climate change by providing climate investment opportunities and taking part in emission reduction projects. Developing and managing investment vehicles related to renewable energy and carbon commodities and projects represent the company’s core focus.

Drawing on expertise gained through cooperation with organisations such as the World Bank, GreenStream now manages five climate funds and one renewable energy fund – and has some €150 million in assets under management. GreenStream is a signatory of the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI) and a founding member of the Finnish Sustainable Investment Forum (Finsif).

Growing fund portfolio

GreenStream’s latest two funds are the Climate Opportunity Fund (COF) and the Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund (FPCF), both of which focus on the acquisition of carbon credits generated between 2013 and 2020 for compliance and financial investors. Investments in these funds offer excellent return potential and will help promote work to mitigate climate change through projects under the Clean Development Mechanism that comply with the UN’s strict sustainable development criteria.

The Fine Carbon Fund and the Nordic Carbon Fund (NCF) were launched in 2007 and 2008 and the capital invested in them is now committed to emission reduction purchase agreements. GreenStream has also been appointed carbon manager for the EBRD’s and EIB’s Multilateral Carbon Credit Fund, which implements emission reduction projects in countries where the two organisations operate. GreenStream also manages Finnder, the Finnish government’s carbon procurement programme.

Big opportunities in China

GreenStream’s joint venture with Juno Capital Group in China gives its partners access to valuable expertise on the Chinese market and high-level contacts with key stakeholders in Chinese business. As a result of its increased project sourcing activities, GreenStream reviews around 500 projects annually. The company has already contracted approximately 50 projects with an estimated carbon reduction of 30 million tonnes of CO2, with a nominal value of more that €400 million and representing an underlying investment of approximately €5 billion.

Within the wind power sector alone, GreenStream has signed agreements covering carbon credits from Chinese projects with a total capacity of 220 MW, or more than the total installed wind power capacity in many European countries.

The Ma’er hydropower project in China is registered as a CDM project and generates carbon credits for investors in GreenStream’s carbon funds.
> Jussi Nykänen & Tomas Otterström
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)