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Turning complex environmental issues into manageable solutions

Efforts to improve the protection of human health and the environment are resulting in an increasingly stricter, more complex regulatory environment globally. For businesses and public organisations, the challenge is to understand the risks involved and organise, manage, and maintain their compliance with applicable regulations – all areas in which REACHLaw can help.

Businesses and public organisations today need a combination of competences and processes to manage their compliance with relevant regulations that they often do not have readily available or for which the costs and risks are too high. Compliance is no longer only a technical and legal issue, it has become a significant business issue.

At the same time, organisations are facing an even greater global challenge – environmental sustainability has become a strategic issue affecting long-term strategy, investments, costs, product development, production, marketing, and branding.

Given the impact that issues like greenhouse gases are having on climate change, greater attention will need to be given by businesses to adopting cleaner technologies. Staying abreast of and complying with future requirements – and developing strategies and actions accordingly – is becoming an increasingly important priority.

In addition to its in-house expertise, REACHLaw has more than 20 global partners covering markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US, ensuring that clients have access to specialised competencies and local market knowledge.

Combining the right expertise…

REACHLaw combines legal, technical and business competences into product-based client services in the field of compliance, climate and cleantech, and sustainability.

REACHLaw’s compliance services for businesses provide a full set of solutions for managing regulatory compliance locally, regionally, and globally; and cover key EU regulations such as REACH and CLP, non-EU regulations in USA, China, Japan, Korea, and Turkey, and organisational implementation and management services.

REACHLaw’s climate and cleantech services support clients in managing carbon emissions and related strategic and communications issues. Clients who want to engage in carbon credit trading and generation can benefit from REACHLaw’s expertise in facilitating carbon reduction projects.

REACHLaw’s sustainability services provide solutions for developing corporate sustainability, such as strategic support and planning, environmental reporting and environmental risk management, and developing energy efficiency programmes and tools.

… with a global reach

Thanks to its work with global environmental and sustainability issues, REACHLaw is well-placed to support the development and implementation of a wide range of sustainable environmental strategies, programmes, and initiatives for its clients worldwide.

Headquartered in Helsinki and with offices in Brussels, Istanbul, and New Delhi, REACHLaw has more than 200 clients in more than 40 countries. These include manufacturers, importers and traders, retailers, governmental organisations, and industry associations. Oil, petrochemicals, metal, paper and pulp, electronics, and fine and speciality chemicals are among the major industries served.

> Lasse Musakka
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)