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More from less

Stainless steel hollow sections produced by Stalatube are fully recyclable and have a typical life cycle potential of over a century. They need no surface treatment and are maintenance-free, and are ideal for reducing the weight of structures and their material and energy consumption footprint.

Stalatube specialises in stainless steel hollow sections, and exports to customers in over 45 countries account for around 90% of the company’s sales today. With close to 40 years in the business, Stalatube has built up extensive experience of the use of stainless steel materials in areas such as process machinery, construction and architectural design, transportation, and the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Unlike hollow sections produced from other steels, those fabricated from stainless are guaranteed to last at least a century. They are also maintenance-free and 100% recyclable.

Stalatube has promoted the concept of ‘more from less’ for many years. A steady programme of investments in new technology has enabled the company to broaden its product portfolio, and Stalatube now offers cut-to-length deliveries and laser cutting for hollow sections as large as 500 x 500 mm, together with quality materials such as high-strength Lean Duplex, for example.

By encouraging customers to order dimensioned tube rather than standard lengths, Stalatube helps ensure that only the steel that is actually needed is transported to the final destination, reducing the amount of waste and scrap sent for recycling. Thanks to flexible and rapid order-based manufacturing, Stalatube can deliver dimensioned tubes almost as quickly as standard lengths.

Stalatube recently introduced a range of large tailor-made square or rectangular sections made of two laser-welded U or J-profiles. Available in sizes up to 1000 x 1000 x 10 mm, these offer excellent dimensional tolerances and are pickled after manufacturing, making them a good choice in applications ranging from process machinery to the offshore sector and pharmaceuticals.

Stainless hollow sections from Stalatube have been used extensively in Hartwall’s new beverage complex, one of the most fully integrated and automated plants of its kind.

A supplier that customers can rely on

Finnsonic is just one of many companies to select Stalatube products. A specialist in ultrasonic industrial cleaning systems designed for tough industrial environments, its machinery – used to clean parts in fields such as precision engineering, electronics, and aerospace – is engineered entirely from stainless steel.

Brewer and soft drinks producer Hartwall also used Stalatube stainless hollow sections when it built its new beverage complex in Lahti. One of the most fully integrated and automated plants of its kind, this features extensive use of stainless steel. Stalatube was chosen to supply the stainless hollow sections for the site’s production and logistics machinery. Working to very tight delivery schedules, its pre-cut material saved valuable on-site assembly time.

Hollow sections precision-cut to length on the Stalatube production line have also been used by Tetra Pak to ensure that assembly work on liquid food packaging machinery can begin as soon as its steel arrives.

> Laura Äimälä-Heiskanen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)