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Quick, easy, and discrete

Mendor recently launched a revolutionary, easy-to-use, all-in-one blood glucose meter and Web-based application to help people manage their diabetes more effectively. The Mendor DISCREET™ and Mendor BALANCE™ have made a big impression on patients and physicians in a very short time.

Mendor has designed its products together with users and diabetes experts to address the needs of people with diabetes requiring regular blood glucose monitoring. Many people in this category – up to half in fact – do not carry out daily testing, for a variety of reasons. Some only test when they suspect hypo/hyperglycaemia, for example. even more say that, while they would like to test, they find that their current meter does not always make this easy.

The new Mendor DISCREET™ is intended to overcome these problems. designed not to draw attention to itself or the user, the aim is to reduce the social pressure many people feel when measuring their blood glucose levels in public.

Looks very much like an iPod doesn’t it? But it’s not. It’s the Mendor DISCREET™.

Measure it

The Mendor DISCREET™ fits easily into a pocket or purse; no extra carry case is needed. it is the first all-in-one unit of its type and incorporates everything needed – the meter itself, a lancing device, and a pack of test strips – all in a package only 2.1 cm thick and roughly the size of an iPod. Without the hassle of separate components, someone can quickly and easily measure their blood sugar level at school or in a cafĂ©, for example.

With an internal cassette of 25 test strips, the Mendor DISCREET™ can be used for several days without having to be reloaded. The cassette also eliminates the need to handle individual test strips. each strip is loaded internally and can be pulled out and disposed of once a measurement has been taken.

And analyse it

Mendor BALANCE™ is a next-generation, Web-based software application designed to encourage people to take useful rather than random measurements, particularly pair measurements before and after meals and sleep. all the user needs to do is connect their meter to their PC via a USB lead and upload their measurement data for analysis.

By presenting results in an easy-to-understand format, people can quickly see how their blood sugar levels vary during the day and respond to changes in therapy or daily routines. The summary produced by the software can also be used by physicians and other health care professionals to gain a quick overview of a patient’s situation.

Promoting the benefits of self-care

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease in the modern Western world and one that is accounting for a growing share of health care costs. Self-care still plays a small role, despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that active self-care and support can be extremely useful in reducing both complications and care costs.

Mendor’s mission is to change that. Born out of an idea a group of students came up with a little over five years ago, Mendor’s team today includes some of the leading Finnish experts in the medical and diagnostic fields, as well as various international experts.

> Kristian Ranta
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)