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The backbone of a truly wireless world

SATEL has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing radio modems for over 20 years. Its products are used worldwide in a wide range of applications where cabling would either beprohibitively costly and/or impossible.

SATEL radio modems are ideal for wireless real-time data transfer in everything from simple point-to-point connections to large multipoint networks featuring thousands of modems. With a range of up to tens of kilometres that can easily be extended using repeater stations, they make setting up a reliable, operator-free radio network quick, easy, and cost-effective – on land, in the air, and at sea.

SATEL radio modems are invaluable wherever landlines would either be impossible or expensive to install and maintain, such as remote measuring sites, mobile equipment, or location data applications. As a result, they can be found in a very wide range of applications today, from airports to industrial networks and monitoring and controlling traffic flows and providing up-to-date timetable information for passengers on public transport systems. SATEL’s radio modems also help control buoy and channel lights and beacons at busy ports.

Support is always available in local languages through SATEL’s distributor network, which serves over 100 countries. For customers unfamiliar with what wireless radio data modems have to offer or who need assistance with their network design needs, large or small, SATEL’s network Design center (NDC) is there to help.

Monitor your grid more effectively

SATEL’s radio modems equipped with an auxiliary power supply can be very useful in the energy sector for grid monitoring, automated meter reading, and the remote monitoring of wind farms. 

A SATEL radio modem-based network for controlling and monitoring a SCADA system, for example, is easy to set up and can yield valuable benefits in keeping things like breaks in distribution as short as possible. If problems arise, malfunctioning stations can be pinpointed quickly and restored remotely in some cases.

SATEL radio modems are used in a multitude of applications in numerous areas of modern life, and the company offers the world’s widest range of products in its field.

SCADA systems based on SATEL products are already handling communications between disconnectors and network control centres in electricity distribution applications, for example, and helping monitor electricity consumption in real time. SATEL technology is also hard at work controlling and monitoring the performance of the latest generations of wind turbines.

Other SATEL-powered SCADA applications include remote control and real-time monitoring for water pumping stations and reservoirs; flow and leakage monitoring for sewage systems; and systems for monitoring the measurement stations and pumps used in district heating networks and monitoring the compressor and pressure-reduction stations on which gas pipeline networks depend.

  • Extensive range of radio modems
  • Highly reliable data transfer
  • Excellent RF performance
  • Long connection distances
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ability to use operator-free networks
  • Worldwide distributor network
  • Access to high-quality technical support and an expert Network Design Center.
> Arja Vainio
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)