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Connect it, manage it, share it

MeshWorks Wireless develops and supplies complete, vertically integrated solutions and services based on WSN technology to the enterprise marketplace. Its solutions currently focus on remote monitoring and asset tracking, energy, and context-based services.

Wireless Sensor network (WSN) technology, intelligently combined with Web-based services, can bring a range of benefits, such as greater process efficiency and lower costs, to virtually any sector, from transport to e-health. MeshWorks Wireless was established in 2007 to drive the take-up of this disruptive technology and develop complete enterprise solutions based around sensors, gateways, and Web-based back ends.

MeshWorks’ offering extends from consultancy and development services – for things like integrating Web services with customers’ legacy systems and developing complete, customerspecific WSN packages – to entire off-the-shelf solutions. MeshWorks’ current solutions have been developed to address the needs of fleet management and logistics, the energy sector, and real estate management. They combine ubiquitous wireless sensors with centralised data warehouses and versatile remote management to help organisations keep ahead of their game in terms of efficiency, costs, and business processes.

MeshWorks is also working on SOFTCARE technology, based on behavioural pattern recognition and ZIGBEE sensing nodes, with the aim of creating an integral system for home monitoring that will go far beyond existing home-based halth monitoring systems.

Covering the entire supply chain

MeshWorks’ SeeMoto solutions are designed to improve asset manageability and help businesses shift from reactive models to more proactive and predictive ones. SeeMoto acts as ‘social networking’ environment for vehicle fleets, machines, and cargo, enabling the data associated with individual assets to be shared with other stakeholders, easily, securely, and in real time.

By offering a company’s customers and partners 24/7 on-line access to real-time and historical asset data, SeeMoto can dramatically enhance the way in which assets are managed and save on costs, improve efficiency, provide a better level of service, and identify potential new revenue streams. All thanks to a combination of novel wireless sensors, polymorphic data, Internet services, flexible reporting, and information sharing.

Smarter energy usage

MeshWorks’ FeelPlace solutions make use of a similar combination of tools to promote greater energy efficiency, reduce people’s carbon foot-print, and accelerate the development of smart grid applications.

FeelPlace provides customers with easy and direct access to real-time energy usage and on-line energy pricing, and opens up the way for next-generation smart grid applications by leveraging things like dynamic load control and distributed generation.

MeshWorks’ SensUrban solutions focus on larger-scale WSNs in urban environments to collect data and filter information in real time to provide the basis for new types of info services, social networking, and context-based services.

SeeMoto uses state-of-the-art WSN technology and Web-based services to deliver tracking, remote monitoring, and inventory management data that can be shared with customers and partners.
> Marko Kyrölä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)