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Setting new milestones in the RFID field

Despite being less than 10 years old, Confidex has rapidly taken its place at the forefront of technological developments in RFID-based contactless ticketing and UHF EPC Gen2 tags. It was the first company to launch an integrated inlay and contactless ticket converting process and thin PET tickets, for example, and the first to launch hard tags, IP68 tags, and vulcanisation-tolerant RFID labels.

Thanks to its ability to combine world-class engineering and manufacturing expertise with mass product customisation capabilities, confidex has become the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services designed to make supply chains, transactions, and the authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure.

Confidex’ unique, patent-pending RFID tags overcome the traditionally poor performance of tags near metal and when exposed to moisture, and offer highly durable, long-lasting solutions.
With an extensive global partner network, confidex is able to serve customers across a broad range of industries worldwide, and is a trusted partner for system integrators and end-users of RFID technology.

Wireless payments, primarily in the form of public transport tickets, are currently the most widely used RFID application area. Confidex’ contactless public transport tickets are not only handy, but also secure, hard-wearing where needed, and versatile, as they can be used as single tickets, return tickets, or monthly passes.

Compared to magnetic strip tickets, they are simpler, safer, easier to use, and cheaper. Passengers simply need to flash them at a gate, speeding up the time taken to enter and exit trains and stations. The reduced maintenance costs of the equipment used with confidex contactless tickets can save operators millions of euros, as well as eliminate the use of counterfeit tickets.

With their extended memory capabilities, confidex’ contactless tickets also enable operators to ‘mix and match’ the range of services offered with a single ticket and even combine transportation with tourist services such as sightseeing and access to museums and galleries.

A more efficient supply chain

The market for RFID applications in logistics is growing even faster. Drawing on its experience in the retail industry with single-use labels and in public transport, Confidex has developed a comprehensive offering of special tags and labels that can meet the challenges that face industrial RFID applications, where the expected lifetime of systems can range from a couple of years to decades.

The real-time wireless data provided by logistics tags offers an ideal way not only for keeping tabs on where things are, but also for improving the overall efficiency of entire supply chain processes – and has seen Confidex tags used in a very wide variety of applications, ranging from tracking retail items to automotive manufacturing and offshore oil and gas installations.

The confidex Survivor™ hard tag, for example, has become the de-facto tag for tracking large valuable items and vehicles, as well as construction parts and steel pipes; while the confidex Ironside™ range offers the market’s most durable solution for challenging industrial asset management and logistics needs; and confidex SteelBIT and SteelBYTE offer FSTC-compliant solutions for IT asset tracking needs.

> Timo Lindström
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)