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Taking telecare to the next level

The platform behind the growing range of Emtele@HOME services provides a managed connectivity environment for transferring data from medical equipment, sensors, and other monitoring devices to enable elderly people to live at home safely as long as possible.

With people living longer and increasing pressures on tax revenue, municipalities are facing growing problems in resourcing the services required for their health care needs. Improving the productivity of care services is essential. Many older people would like to continue living at home for longer, and this is in society’s interests as well – in principle. The challenge is that traditional home care services tend to be very resource-intensive.

While modern technology makes it possible to assist people living at home and reduce the cost involved and enhance the quality of care, individual technologies or devices are not enough. Multiple automation, digital information, and remote technologies are called for, and need to be managed and coordinated effectively to deliver a real improvement in care productivity.

Putting service before technology

Emtele has put its connectivity expertise to work in developing telecare services capable of delivering efficient online monitoring, diagnostics, and other services. A typical Emtele ‘package’ consists of telehealth solutions, care phones and other safety solutions, telepresence and other social networking solutions, entertainment and assistive living solutions, and home care ERPs.

Emtele builds its solutions based on open communication protocols and interfaces, rather than proprietary technologies or standards. The aim is to automate and improve care processes by understanding what people need and seamlessly bundle the best devices and technologies, regardless of vendor, to do the job in one service agreement. By following this approach and working with world-class partners, Emtele believes that it can offer truly innovative ICT services – rather than simply software and hardware.

Managed online connections, together with continuous monitoring, diagnostics, security, and remotely operated service issuance are handled from the company’s Service Center. The emphasis is on seeing devices and connections as simply the tools, not the total solution.

Customers benefit from concrete cost savings, faster lead-times, and better service provision in the field. as in the case of a group of municipalities near Jyväskylä that have combined forces under the Saarikka umbrella and have been making use of a new comprehensive telehealth solution developed and managed by Emtele since summer 2010.

Making the right connections

Working with its strategic partners, Emtele offers cost-effective, attractive, and unique global services for a wide range of applications utilising the latest advances in satellite communications, mobile networks, carrier grade I services, and the latest business know-how. In addition to telecare, Emtele is also active in the energy distribution, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing sectors.

In the energy field, for example, Emtele provides turnkey field communication solutions to companies such as Vattenfall, which uses Emtele’s remote communication service to remotely control almost 2,000 substations and reclosers in Finland.

Emtele@HOME services enable elderly people to live at home safely for longer. Photo: © Tekes, Niko Nurmi
> Jussi Vasama
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)