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Seamless building management technology

Fidelix specialises in future-proof building management solutions capable of growing seamlessly as owners’ needs change. Its controls can operate on a stand-alone basis, form an integral part of a small building system, or grow into a large system solution.

Fidelix building automation provides a highly efficient tool for monitoring and maintaining building technology systems, and for achieving valuable energy savings, guaranteeing a higher level of safety and security, and improving the quality of indoor air. Fidelix technology is equally suitable for new buildings and modernising existing ones and can easily handle everything from offices and hotels to schools, industrial sites, hospitals, and apartment buildings.

The Fidelix FX-net Building Management and Security System (BMS) offers a seamless Internet-enabled solution for heating, cooling and ventilation control, energy metering, intruder detection, access control, CCTV, and smoke evacuation. Despite it ability to handle this very wide range of functions, it is just as at home with a small system as it is with a large multi-building, multi-site one. Intuitive, easy-to use interfaces at all levels ensure that users have access to all the information they need.

Thanks to the open system architecture used, building owners can choose the maintenance company best suited to their needs and make use of a wide range of different equipment and software. Fidelix’ commitment to IT standards makes its solutions both building-friendly and cost-effective, long-term investments.

Integrated security and energy management

The ability of the FX-net system to integrate building automation with security systems helps make the most of intelligent building opportunities or extend the capabilities of an existing compatible BMS or security system. An access control system, for example, can notify a BMS system when someone arrives in a designated area, enabling the system to switch air-conditioning and lighting on in the area concerned.

The Fidelix FX-net system is unique in providing accurate control and integrated energy management at the outstation level, which is a plus for both large and small sites. Metering can be handled using the M-bus capability of Fidelix outstations; while various sensors can be used to access additional data such as flow rates, supply and return flow temperatures, and heating power. All of which makes the FX-net system ideal for comprehensive energy management.

Meter readings can be stored in outstations or read remotely using the Fidelix FX-net browser interface. comprehensive energy reports can also be reviewed through the browser interface or via outstations’ touch panel displays. Data can be downloaded in standard format for further analysis on the desktop using spreadsheet software.

Fidelix’ FX-Net technology enables building systems such as lifts, lighting, heating and airconditioning, fire systems, intruder alarms, and CCTV and access control systems to be managed very flexibly – as here at the Espoo Cultural Centre. Photo © City of Espoo.
> Tapani Spangar
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)