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Go on – make a vivid impression

VividWorks offers innovative, user-friendly, and fully customisable visual solutions for profiling products in virtual environments and enhancing people’s overall retail experience. Its customers include major furniture manufacturers and retail chains in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, and Italy.

VividPlatform™ lies at the heart of the VividWorks offering and is a Web-based 3D visualisation and sales management tool for manufacturers and retailers. VividPlatform™ makes it easy for a sales person, customer, or anyone with an Internet connection in fact, to design interiors in a highly visual and intuitive way. Product-specific rules and details are adjusted automatically during the design process as users ‘plan and play’ with products, dimensions, and space before making their final choice.

ProductComposer is the software’s main tool. Used for selecting and configuring products, this can handle anything from a single item to complex modular systems. When users have completed their selection, they can move to the InteriorPlanner module, which enables them to place multiple products in a virtual space. Users can start from the ground up, deciding on floor and wall finishes and adding doors and windows, or select a ready-made sample interior and continue from there.

Thanks to the new VividAR™ feature, users now have even more freedom to plan and visualise virtually any design. All they have to do is take a photo of a room with a special marker on the floor and upload the image to the VividPlatform ™ solution they are using to start adding and arranging furniture in the room.

Available on the iPad too

For retailers, VividPlatform™ can be integrated into existing sales systems and Web shops using the SalesConnection module, which enables things like price, availability, and delivery time information to be displayed and updated. This helps eliminate potential bottlenecks in information flows and avoid the kind of disappointments that can occur if people select products that take too long to deliver, for example.

VividPlatform™-based solutions have been available for the Apple iPad since February 2011. VividPlatform™ on the iPad offers furniture sales personnel an exciting new way to present and sell any of their products anywhere in the store – all with the iPad’s signature ease of use. VividPlatform™ makes it possible to focus on individual products, configure modular products, or add and modify accessories and materials.

The entire range of products offered by the Finnish manufacturer of classic contemporary furniture, Muurame, for example, can now be browsed via a VividPlatform™-based solution. Known as DesignWIZ, this enables users to mix and match Muurame’s TV stands, cabinets, desks, and other modular solutions, either by selecting one of the ready-made solutions provided by DesignWIZ or by adding one unit at a time.

Unlike conventional interior planning software, which is typically CAD-based or CAD-inspired, VividPlatform™ solutions are very easy to use. Being Web-based, users can also access their plans wherever they are.
> Jorma Palo
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)