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High-performance piston accumulators

Hydroll’s high-quality, innovative hydropneumatic piston accumulators can be found in a wide range of applications today, from renewable energy to mobile machinery and industrial processes.

Piston accumulators operate in a similar way to hybrid engines, capturing kinetic energy during deceleration and releasing it during acceleration. Their ability to store and release energy in this way makes them an excellent means of improving overall performance in fields such as energy generation, mobile machinery, and industry.

Hydroll’s highly reliable HPS piston accumulators and patented HPD double-action piston accumulators are designed to withstand heavy-duty operations and handle large dynamic loads in even the toughest environments. Both ranges are manufactured in accordance with the latest European pressure equipment directives and standards, and can be adapted to other design standards if needed.

HPS piston accumulators feature two end-flanges fitted with an O-ring and back-up seal assembly, and their pistons include a central two-part seal and double guide ring assembly. The HPS range is ideal for mobile equipment for damping applications and energy capture. HPS accumulators offer excellent gas-sealing properties and are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +100 °C.

Hydroll’s patented HPD double-action piston accumulators combine two accumulators in one and offer valuable space- and cost-saving benefits. They feature a fluid connection at both end-flanges, with the gas contained between the two pistons. Like the HPS range, HPD double piston accumulators are also designed for heavy-duty use and can operate across an equally wide range of temperatures.

Smooth and highly precise operation

The high quality of Hydroll’s hydropneumatic piston accumulators have made them very useful in fields such as wind power.
An in-depth understanding of its customers’ businesses and close relationships with its suppliers are central to Hydroll’s approach, and the company combines this with industry-leading expertise and flexible working methods to create solutions that closely match customers’ needs. Hydroll offers its large OEM customers valuable flexibility, thanks to its efficient production processes and ability to supply customised products for special projects.

Hydroll’s piston accumulators act as highly effective and reliable energy storage stabilising braking systems and as safety devices in the pitch control systems used in wind turbines, for example – and can easily withstand the tough on- and offshore environments typical of today’s wind farms. Hydroll units are also used in solar energy applications to guarantee highly precise panel movements; and in wave energy applications, they can be used for energy capture.

In the area of mobile machinery, Hydroll’s piston accumulators reduce the level of shock pressure in hydraulic circuits and minimise the likelihood of breakdowns and extend equipment service life. The smooth boom movement they offer enhances operator safety and overall ergonomics.

In lifting applications, Hydroll accumulators capture energy when a load is lowered and release it when lifting, helping save energy and the environment.

> Petri Virrankoski
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)