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The number-one choice for dust-free sanding

One of the world’s largest abrasive manufacturers, KWH Mirka is a recognised leader in innovative abrasive technology and the number-one choice for outstanding abrasive performance. Which explains why customers in more than 80 countries use its products today.

Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of coated abrasives, Mirka is a specialist in flexible abrasives and has developed a range of revolutionary, patented abrasives that offer customers a truly dust-free surface finishing process. The company’s products cover everything from individual applications all the way to complete sanding systems and are capable of tackling even the toughest challenges faced by professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Mirka is also the first company in the abrasives sector to certify its operations and systems to the three most important quality standards: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001.

An innovative mind-set

CEROS electric sanders are light and powerful.
Mirka has become renowned for setting itself high standards and launching new products and new production techniques that deliver clear improvements over existing ones. Development work has always been an important part of Mirka’s activity and is based on encouraging everyone in the company to be open to new ideas.

Mirka continuously tests new methods and systematically follows up how its products perform in the field. Close cooperation with end-users is a cornerstone of this approach and ensures a steady stream of valuable feedback. Most of Mirka’s products and innovations, in fact, are developed as a result of customer input. The company’s biggest successes to date – its dust-free net sanding products (AbranetĀ®, Autonet) and AbralonĀ®, a non-woven designed for sanding contoured surfaces – are typical of this philosophy. Alongside new products, Mirka also develops new production techniques, such as Progressive Bond™, which offers good flexibility and edge wear, and Total Coating™ Technology, which has made it possible to produce abrasives that are thinner while offering more aggressive performance.

When developing new techniques and production methods, Mirka often finds that it needs new types of machines or equipment, and as a result a sizeable proportion of its production and testing equipment is specially designed by and for Mirka.

A dust-free net sanding revolution

Mirka’s unique dust-free sanding concept, known as net sanding, is the first technology that enables users to achieve a perfect, dust-free result quickly and effectively. It does this thanks to an open-weave abrasive structure that draws sanding particles through thousands of tiny holes across the entire abrasive surface, leaving the item being worked on and the surrounding environment virtually dust-free.

Mirka is the first abrasives manufacturer to develop a dust-free sanding solution that really lives up to its claim of being dust-free.
In addition to a healthier workplace, the Mirka net sanding concept delivers numerous other practical advantages, saving time, because of the minimal amounts of dust covers and clean-up work required, and money, because net sanding products last longer than traditional paper ones.

Net sanding products are also very easy to use, thanks to their hook and loop system, which enables them to be attached easily to sanding tools. An extensive net sanding range is available to cover a wide variety of applications for both machine and hand sanding. Combining a CEROS electric sander or a hand-sanding block with Mirka’s net sanding products and an industrial vacuum cleaner gives users instant access to a dust-free sanding solution.

Complete solutions

Mirka’s heavy investment in product development has seen the company steadily expand from abrasives into complete sanding systems over the past 10 years.

Mirka-branded pneumatic sanding machines have been manufactured since the late 1990s, and electric sanding machines were added to the range in 2005. Today, the company’s machine and tool range includes industrial vacuum cleaners, polishing machines, and dedicated equipment for sanding walls and roofs. The lightweight CEROS – Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander – was launched in 2009 for a multitude of sanding tasks, from timber and gel-coats to automotive finishing.

The unique design of the ceros range delivers superior versatility and performance in a very compact package that is practical to use wherever electricity is available. no special pads are needed, as ceros units are compatible with Mirka’s regular 125 mm and 150 mm backing pads. The brushless motor is powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load and is virtually silent in operation, while the small number of wearing components minimises maintenance.

Machines and tools that are comfortable and easy to use are essential for professionals, which is why Mirka has concentrated on user-friendliness and ergonomics, as well as performance and efficiency.

Mirka enjoys an excellent reputation for its customer and technical support. Customer training is offered both at the company’s own product development department, as well as on site, enabling sanding processes to be optimised for the needs of individual customers and giving Mirka valuable feedback from the field.

(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)