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At the cutting edge of the Infranet world

Eltel Group Corporation
Eltel specialises in leveraging the latest electricity, telecom, and IT technologies to develop and strengthen the emerging intelligent infrastructure that more and more people are referring to as the Infranet – and to offer utilities, operators, and others a unique mix of synergies for boosting network performance.

Eltel’s roots lie in the process of deregulation that began to gain momentum in the telecom and electrical power industries in the Nordic region around the beginning of the new millennium – with companies in both fields keen to gain greater efficiency by focusing on their core businesses and outsourcing noncore activities.

Eltel was founded to provide outsourced solutions for building and maintaining electricity and telecom networks, and for improving network performance by maximising their availability and optimising the resources underpinning them. With the continuing spread of deregulation and outsourcing, Eltel has steadily extended its offering and today offers solutions covering power transmission and distribution, smart metering, smart grids, fixed and mobile telecom networks, the transport sector, and enterprise communication.

With close to 9,000 employees in nine countries and net sales of more than €1 billion annually, Eltel is now Europe’s leading Infranet service company. Eltel’s customer references in 90 countries worldwide are very wide-ranging – from rapidly responding to storm damage disrupting electricity supply to half a million customers in Finland to bringing electricity to rural Botswana, introducing smart metering in Denmark, and helping roll out 4G/LTE networks in Germany.

Creative solutions

Eltel very much believes that securing existing networks and current levels of network availability is only part of the story. Developing new, creative solutions that extend the limits of what is possible will be very important for the future.

Drawing on its extensive experience and portfolio of best practices, Eltel prioritises solutions that are smarter, more efficient, and more focused. As part of this approach, Eltel has established a set of best practices known as ‘The Eltel Way’ to ensure high standards in all areas of its operations. As a result, Eltel has been able to introduce more innovations to operators and utilities than all the other Infranet suppliers in its markets combined over the last few years.

Eltel has become a leading installer of automated metering management systems.

A key factor in this success has been the fact that Eltel is a full-service supplier of IQ (Infranet Quality) services and equally at home handling small repeat orders as it is with managing highly complex and demanding turnkey projects.

Whatever the size of a project, close cooperation with suppliers and customers is seen as central. Speed and staying abreast of the latest technology are also Eltel priorities – when installing the latest generation of broadband networks or smart grids, or whatever.

Maintaining and servicing networks once they are up and running is even more important over the long term, which is why Eltel’s mobile units always work closely with the help desks that serve networks’ end-users, for example. After all, the less downtime a network encounters, the happier everyone will be.


> Hannu Tynkkynen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)