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Keeping things clean the eco-friendly way

Clean Solutions Finland Kb
Clean Solutions Finland recently launched a new range of household cleaning products designed to help keep the home fresh and a clean, while at the same time offering industry-leading standards of biodegradability and overall product safety.

Clean Solutions Finland is a new name in household detergents and cleaning products and one that aims to offer users something different and, in particular, something more ecological. High standards of product safety, environmental issues, and userfriendly product formulations tailored to specific cleaning needs were high on the agenda during the product development phase – together with no-compromise cleaning efficiency, of course.

Reflecting these priorities, all of Clean Solutions Finland’s are quality-certified (ISO 14000 and ISO 9001) and environmentally sustainable, and meet the extremely high requirements set by the Nordic Ecolabel scheme, entitling them to use the Nordic Swan emblem.

Everything you need for a clean home

Although Clean Solutions Finland launched its Pohjan Neito and Pohjan Akka phosphate-free detergents for household use as recently as last year, those behind the company have around 20 years of experience in developing and producing cleaning solutions. Sustainable solutions offering industry-leading functionality and cleaning power have always been close to their hearts, and no less so today.

The household spray detergent range currently consists of an all-purpose cleaner, a window and glass spray, a toilet and bathroom spray, and a quick cleaner. The spray range is supplemented with various liquid detergents: a washing-up liquid, an all-purpose cleaner and a high-strength version for tougher cleaning jobs, and a bathroom cleaner.

A handy, all-you-need pack of five products and two high-quality cleaning cloths is also available and is an easy and convenient ‘onestop shop’ for keeping everything in the home spick and span.

All of Clean Solutions Finland’s products are non-allergenic and fresh-smelling and suitable for surfaces throughout the home. Even more important from an ecological standpoint, they are all biodegradable.

They are also the first home cleaning products in Finland to feature braille labelling to make life easier for the blind and help them avoid the potential dangers that can come from confusing bottles that feel the same in the hand but have very different contents. A QR code for detailed product information is available as an option.

International ambitions

Launched in Finland in August 2012, Clean Solution Finland’s household products are now available nationwide. Marketing has already started outside Finland, in Russia and the Baltic countries, and export volumes are on the rise.

The new household products complement the industrial cleaning products – such as car shampoo, grease removal solvents, rust removal compounds, and disinfectants – produced by Clean Solution Finland’s parent company, DF-Tuotanto.

By outsourcing the production and packaging of its products to DF-Tuotanto, Clean Solutions Finland is able to offer excellent flexibility in terms of both capacity and logistics.

Each of Clean Solutions Finland’s products has been individually formulated to provide maximum cleaning for different surfaces around the home, while offering the same ecological benefits shared by the entire range.
> Yvonne Peltola
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)