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Make your mobile phone contract work for you, not the operator

Alekstra Corporation
Remember what the world was like before low-cost airlines – expensive tickets and limited competition on many routes? Not a world away, in fact, from telecoms today. Mobile operators are still often unable or unwilling to provide customers with truly comparable data on their mobile expenditure and usage, and total costs just go on increasing. Alekstra lets you change all that.

The mobile telecoms market is so crowded today that users are often completely helpless when it comes to understanding the implications of their choices when using their phone or signing up for a new contract, let alone comparing the prices and services of competing operators. Not surprising, perhaps, when every operator seems to have their own unique portfolio of packages, pricing policy, and billing system – even within individual markets.

Alekstra’s goal is to cut through this jungle and help companies manage their mobile services more cost-effectively and eliminate unnecessary and unproductive administrative complexity. It does this by optimising its customers’ mobile service plans, consolidating their purchasing power, and improving the way they manage their mobile service portfolio.

Optimise, it’s smarter

Alekstra is all about taking a smarter approach to the basics, through what it describes as its Intelligent Phone Bill. This is designed to provide substantial and immediate financial savings, together with a set of state-of-the-art tools to ensure that invoices are optimised and benchmarked continuously – to prevent benefits being eroded over time, as they inevitably will be in a one-off process.

Alekstra helps companies take the headache out of managing their mobile services and save significant amounts of money in the process.
Switching to Alekstra has enabled its corporate customers to cut their phone bills by at least a third, by selecting the most cost-effective pricing model and services from operators’ offerings, based on what individual subscribers actually use in terms of domestic calls, text messages, and data, as well as roaming voice and data. As this is carried out using operators’ standard products, it can be done easily and quickly, without the need to renegotiate a contract.

Alekstra’s Ratemizer™ software analyses more than 200,000 corporate subscriptions every month to detect any changes in individual subscribers’ phone usage or operator pricing models. When Ratemizer™ finds a better package for a subscriber, their subscription is updated to start saving money immediately.

Thanks to Alekstra’s database, which covers more than 300 companies and all the major operators in its markets, customers receive monthly benchmarking data on how their phone bills compare to other similar-sized organisations to help them decide when they should renegotiate their contract. The savings potential here can also be substantial, running into hundreds of thousands of euros a year for an organisation with thousands of subscriptions.

Customers also save thanks to Alekstra’s streamlined financial process. Instead of mindnumbing operator invoices stretching over literally hundreds of pages, customers receive a simple one-page bill covering all their subscriptions. The automated process also contains a transfer file integrated into customers’ financial systems containing all their cost centre data. Detailed itemisation information can be accessed when needed via the Alekstra Portal.

> Jani Puroranta
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)