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Insulate and reap the benefits

Finnfoam® is an exceptionally versatile insulation material. Following a recent R&D project, the company behind it now offers an easy way to build wet rooms very quickly as well.

Finnfoam® is a highly durable and reliable thermal insulation material and one that maintains its excellent insulation characteristics across a wide range of demanding conditions. Although it is probably still best known for its use in protecting buildings against ground frost – where its 100% homogenous and sealed cell structure provides long-lasting protection without the need for a separate vapour barrier or drying systems – this is only part of the story.

Finnfoam® is equally useful in insulating walls, floors, roofs, roads, rail tracks, public buildings, shopping centres, business premises, and even skating rinks. The ease, speed, and quality associated with using Finnfoam®, and the fact that it simultaneously acts as thermal insulation, a vapour barrier, and a wind protection material, lie at the heart of its versatility – and its overall cost-effectiveness.

The energy efficiency and positive environmental benefits of Finnfoam® products make them an ideal choice for zero-energy structures. Although they are slightly more expensive than traditional insulation materials, they offer better thermal insulation and provide excellent flexibility in designing buildings that live up to the promise of zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions.

Finnfoam® insulation layers are very compact and can easily be installed to provide uniform, completely airtight surfaces with no cold bridges or drafts. They also allow other materials to expand and contract as needed.

The product’s ecological benefits also extend to how it is produced. Finnfoam uses its own production technology and was the world’s first XPS insulation material manufacturer to completely abandon the use of HCFC compounds; it also now uses recycled CO2 in its manufacturing process.

A new, fast way to a better bathroom

Tulppa® board acts as a combined structural and waterproofing material that can be tiled directly on to; while Finnfoam® is ideal for insulating everything from foundations, walls, and roofs to roads, rail tracks, shopping centres, and even skating rinks.
A family-owned business with production in Finland, Lithuania, and Spain, Finnfoam works extensively with organisations such as the Tampere University of Technology and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to further develop its product portfolio. One of the latest innovations to come out of this R&D – this time in cooperation with Sika Finland – is a new board material designed for use in bathrooms, shower rooms, and other wet rooms.

Reinforced with glass fibre and coated with a special cement mortar, Tulppa® board acts as a combined structural and waterproofing material that builders can tile directly on to. A patented rapid and easy installation method has been developed to make the most of the material; and all the components of the system have been tested to the latest and toughest European requirements (ETAG 022).

A professional can easily install 10-15 m³ of ready-to-tile, fully waterproofed wall an hour. By eliminating the need to apply separate waterproofing and the time needed for it to dry, tiling can start in just a matter of hours.

In addition to being used for the main walls of a wet room, Tulppa® board is also ideal for creating internal elements, such as shower dividers, built-in shelves or seating, and panelling to cover exposed pipework.

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(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)