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Keeping waste out of sight and out of mind

Today’s waste management systems must be able to face the multiple challenges of growing concerns about recycling, rising waste disposal charges and transport costs, and people’s expectations for cleaner, more efficient, and easier-to-use systems. Molok has gone from strength to strength in facing up to these challenges over the last 20 years, and its products are used by millions of people every day.

Molok’s Deep Collection System is based on two fundamental insights: that waste collection capacity can be increased many times over for a given space by placing containers underground and out of sight; and that this approach can also use gravity to compress waste towards the bottom of the container and use the natural coolness of the surrounding ground to limit the spread of odour.

Because of their excellent capacity, Molok Deep Collection Containers need to be emptied much less frequently than conventional surface containers, saving on transport costs and making for quieter surroundings as well.

They are also ideal for collecting different types of waste – such as mixed waste and recyclable materials like paper, board, glass, and metal – cleanly, easily, and conveniently at one location.

Built to last

Molok Deep Collection Containers are made for decades of heavy use, and designed to survive all types of weather conditions. All parts are made of recyclable material, and metal components are corrosion-proof.

The containers themselves are made of durable, high-density polyethylene moulded in one piece to make them completely seamless, and are suitable for all types of locations, including ground water areas. Lids are light, strong, and self-closing.

An extremely strong multi-layered fabric is used for the lifting bags, which exhaustive tests and years of experience have shown are capable of being emptied hundreds of times without breaking.

Ideal for numerous locations

The small footprint of the Molok Deep Collection System saves space in residential areas, without compromising on collection potential, enabling residents to make more of their playgrounds, gardens, and other outdoor space.

For shopping centres and thinly populated areas, Molok can offer customised solutions based on average waste levels that save time, money, and space compared to conventional surface containers, as they require no shelters, barriers, or other structures.

For parks and confined street environments, Molok has developed its slimline CityScape range in cooperation with a team of urban architects and designers to blend in with the scenery. The range is also ideal for parking and picnic areas, scenic spots, and resorts for the same reason.

> Jukka Blom
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)