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Comprehensive protection

Many of Vamp’s arc protection systems are based on a dual-sensing principle that measures both over-current and light, enabling electrical arcs inside a switchboard to be stopped well before their full explosive potential can be reached. For smaller applications, where dual sensing is not essential, the company has now launched the VAMP 120.

The VAMP 120 is part of the company’s arc protection system designed for stand-alone applications where a limited number of arc sensors are needed and the benefits of dual sensing are not critical to protection performance.

The unit can monitor two alternative protection zones and isolate a faulty section of switchgear in just 7 milliseconds. Should it be necessary to measure over-current as well, this data can be sourced from a Vamp arc protection system, Vamp protection relays, or other devices. When Vamp arc protection is used, the overall response time will not be extended.

Easy configuration

Configuring a Vamp 120 is simplicity itself, using dipswitch selectors and following the unit’s block diagram, and personnel rarely need to refer to the user manual.

The VAMP 120 is designed for applications where there are a limited number of compartments to be monitored.

The unit’s wide-range power supply and digital inputs enable it to be used in a variety of applications, such as wind power sites, low-voltage distribution boards, and installations where compartments are fully sealed against external light, such as cable termination boxes for large motors. The VAMP 120 can also be used to extend the coverage of a standard arc protection system by increasing the number of separate protection zones.

Unique functionality

A specialist in protection relays, arc protection systems, and measuring and monitoring systems for power distribution networks, Vamp has become a world leader in arc protection, with extensive references among industrial and utility customers.

Its medium-voltage protection relays, for example, offer a unique level of integrated arc fault protection functionality, and are used everywhere from overhead line feeders and substations to power plants and industrial power distribution.

Securing assets and personnel

Vamp’s arc protection systems operate much faster than conventional protection relays and keep any damage caused by an arc short circuit to a minimum – maximizing the safety of operating personnel, reducing the need for repair work, and ensuring that the power supply can be rapidly restored. This results in lower generation losses, a longer service life for switchgear, and more reliable operations. Vamp systems are also cost-effective in terms of their capital costs and easy to install.

> Pekka Hämäläinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)