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Advanced accuracy

Mega Electronics has been in the business of delivering monitoring solutions for use in neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health, sports medicine, and gynaecology under both laboratory and field conditions since 1983. Mega’s most recent innovation – the NeurOne system – offers new opportunities for monitoring biosignals with even greater accuracy and ease.
Mega Electronics Ltd.

Mega’s NeurOne is a high-tech monitoring system designed for measuring biosignals such as EEG (brain activity), EMG (muscle activity), or ECG (heart activity) very accurately. The multifunctional design of the system allows users to connect a wide range of sensors, making it the perfect choice for work involving complex measurement setups.

Mega’s NeurOne technology is based on over 20 years of experience in developing high-precision data acquisition technology for detecting sensitive biological signals in noisy laboratory environments and varying field conditions – and has been developed to meet the needs of medical professionals and scientists in detecting neurological signals from multiple channels without compromising data integrity.

The NeurOne is the latest addition to Mega Electronics’ range of compact biosignal monitoring systems.

Challenging traditional systems

NeurOne’s multichannel monitoring capability, high-speed sampling at up to 100,000 Hz per channel, and precision amplifier technology, utilising the latest advances in digital signal processing, represents a major step up from traditional neurological laboratory systems.

Thanks to the inclusion of special reduction technology to remove short-latency magnetic artefacts, the system is ideal for use with transcranial magnetic stimulators; while an advanced headbox design enables both AC and DC signals to be acquired separately or simultaneously.

The NeurOne system can handle a wide range of measurement needs with 3D assistance for easy setup.

The user-friendly NeurOne PC software package offers a range of real-time monitoring options and tools for flexible signal monitoring and data collection via user-defined protocols; and a complete 3D anatomy of muscles and nerves opens up new possibilities for visualising measurement protocols.


  • State-of-the-art, multifunctional biosignal monitoring system for research scientists, neurophysiology and neurology specialists, and advanced sports, occupational health, and rehabilitation research
  • High-speed sampling rate (50,000 Hz/100,000 Hz) and 24-bit digital signal processing, for multiple channels and very high accuracy for both surface and needle measurements
  • Advanced magnetic artefact reduction technology
  • Selectable AC/DC channels for connecting different sensors (EEG, EMG, ECG, etc).
  • Flexible software, with complete 3D anatomy model.
> Jyri Pääkkönen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)