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Lifting is our business

Konecranes is a world-leading provider of lifting solutions and services, with a long track record of pioneering developments in the industry. Its equipment and services keep systems up and running around the world, enabling customers to meet tough demands in terms of uptime, reliability, safety, performance, and lifetime costs.

Extensive use of the latest technology in its equipment and service concepts has made Konecranes a true global trailblazer in the lifting business. The company prioritises developing new technology by analysing real-life material handling needs, and focuses on areas such as advanced automation, predictive service, remote monitoring, operator ergonomics and safety, and environmentally sound solutions.

The fact that Konecranes is a fully integrated company – a manufacturer, a distributor, and a service provider – gives it a clear advantage. Development project teams, for example, always bring together experts from engineering, production, sales, purchasing, and service.

Konecranes has approximately 290,000 cranes and hoists in its annual maintenance contract portfolio, of which around 25% are Konecranes-manufactured – and this gives the company an unrivalled insight into how systems perform in the field under a very wide range of conditions, and provides valuable input for improving existing features and innovating new ones.

Accessing the right data

A recent example of a new Konecranes innovation is the Konecranes CMS system. This user-friendly computer application collects and analyses crane data, and provides clear reports for monitoring and evaluating crane use and productivity.

This high-performance, stand-alone application was designed particularly with harbour and process crane applications in mind. Thanks to the extensive real-time measurement and diagnostics data that it can process, Konecranes CMS can improve crane reliability and availability significantly.

Professional control

Another new application designed to maximise the service life of cranes is ControlPro. Designed for industrial cranes, ControlPro collects a range of operational data, including its operating hours, load cycles, alarms, and overload situations. It also acts as a security device, preventing equipment from being overloaded, and keeps a running check on maintenance intervals as well.

Konecranes serves a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports, and terminals – providing productivity-enhancing lifting solutions and services for lifting equipment and machine tools of all makes. The company has some 8,000 employees, based at more than 370 locations in 41 countries.

> Anci Sandås
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)