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Keeping it simple but powerful

Kymdata is pushing the envelope of CAD software design with its flexible CADS Planner suite for demanding engineering design needs. The software provides a strong set of tools for electrical and automation design.

Kymdata has a well-proven track record in the demanding CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software market, and its CADS Planner suite has established itself as the most popular CAD toolbox among Finnish electrical engineering and electrical contractors.

CADS Planner offers a comprehensive, user-friendly approach, with new functionality added on a regular basis to meet users’ changing needs and the latest industry standards and ensure ongoing productivity, an easy upgrade path, and excellent compatibility.

Electrical and automation engineering is one of Kymdata’s strongest fields of expertise, and is reflected in the company’s flagship software product: CADS Planner Electric.

CADS Planner Electric covers the needs of industrial electrical engineering, instrumentation, automation, and logic schematic design and can be used to design circuit and wiring schematics, tables and lists, main schematics, layouts, and logic lists.

Tools for every need

CADS Planner Electric is the perfect answer to a wide range of design and documentation needs in the electrical and automation fields, and covers areas such as electrical installations in buildings, industrial processes, automation engineering, and layout planning.

CADS Planner Electric has been designed to speed up work and increase an engineer’s productivity from day one. Drawing and editing features are fast and varied, and many functions have been automated to eliminate time-consuming routines.

Users can easily import data and details on numerous devices and units, making it easy to create project-specific quantity lists for export into other formats, such as MS Excel, for use in tender documentation and other calculations.

Recognising the importance of compatibility, CADS Planner Electric supports the seamless import and export of drawings between different parts of a project through its ability to read and write all the major formats used in the CAD industry (DRW, DWG, DXF). Users can modify almost any setting, such as line width, colour, and so on. Certified IFC 2x3 functionality makes it possible to use CADS Planner Electric in Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects as well.

Automated routines

CADS Planner Electric offers a highly comprehensive and flexible software environment for designing the electrical installation of buildings and producing the relevant documentation. In addition to electrical installation, communication, and data systems, it can be used equally well to create general and circuit-specific schematics.

The software features a wide range of basic drawing and editing features, as well as many functions designed to make work faster and more effective. Users have access to project-specific symbol libraries, user-specified parametric symbols, automatic height data, and outlet positioning tools.

General schematics are created automatically, using the installation drawings contained in a project’s database, and potential collisions with other parts of a building or system being designed are flagged, making them easy to identify and eliminate.

CADS Planner Electric is as good for simple documentation as it is for complex electrical installation work and project-specific product data management.

CADS Planner Electric also handles 3D image creation very smoothly, as this is particularly important in product model-based design. 3D images are generated automatically from traditional installation drawings, and changes can be easily modelled via the click of a button.

Choose your flavour and stay up-to-date

CADS Planner Electric comes in two flavours: standard and pro. This allows customers to purchase the features or functions they need now and upgrade as their needs grow or change – making a Kymdata solution one of the most economical CAD software systems available.

With the help of the Electric DB database system, for example, CADS Planner Electric Pro can be expanded into a database-based design tool, to manage design data via databases on a project-specific basis and generate material directly from different databases.

Thanks to the software’s open interface, Kymdata can also customise a CADS Planner system and integrate it with other data systems already in use by a customer; and this has been done extensively for customers in manufacturing, for example.

Maintenance comes as standard, together with free customer support over the phone or online. Customers can update tools as new or improved ones are developed without having to download an entire product update, keeping software up-to-date with minimum downtime.

> Jari Pynnönen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)