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Leading the way in digital signage

Symbicon’s extensive development work – together with its strategic cooperation with display manufacturer Samsung Electronics – has resulted in the world’s largest TFT LCD High-Definition information and advertising billboard for use indoors and out. In addition to the 82-inch IconOne, the range includes 46- and 57-inch units.

Symbicon’s new-generation IconOne signboards based on TFT LCD technology can display still and video images both indoors and outside. Even extreme weather conditions are not a problem for units located outside. Images are extremely sharp and lifelike, thanks to the excellent resolution offered by the latest full-HDTV technology used.

Content can be transferred to an IconOne display via a wireless control system based on GPRS, LAN, or WLAN technology, making it possible to change still images or video as the needs of advertisers or information providers change, as often as every 10 seconds. This is a fraction of the time needed to update print-based media, and makes it possible to reach specific target groups very precisely, in specific locations or at specific times.

Content can be deployed either simultaneously to all the displays in a network, or be tailored and sent to groups of displays or even individual units.

The biggest yet

The largest unit in the range, the Icon82, is equivalent to the size of the conventional illuminated poster-based units used in bus shelters and other public areas such as airports, stations, and shopping centres – and is the largest system based on TFT LCD technology suitable for both internal and external use.

IconOne units feature strong aluminium or steel frames and laminated or toughened, non-reflective safety glass, and are designed to be completely water- and dustproof and resistant to vandalism, in compliance with the IP65 encapsulation standard.

IconOne technology is ideal for disseminating news in public areas, for example, and for providing real-time information on services such as public transport.

In the future, the technology has the potential to be further developed to enable TV pictures to be displayed or to incorporate touch-screen features.

IconOne products are now available in more than 100 countries through Symbicon’s worldwide distributor network. This unit is installed at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport.

Award-winning innovation

Based on product development work launched in 2004, Symbicon was established a year later to design and manufacture digital advertising and information signboards. The IconOne family was first showcased the same year and immediately attracted the interest of advertisers worldwide.

The company received an honourable mention from the President of Finland at the InnoFinland awards on National Innovation Day in November 2007.

  • Fully weatherproof to IP65 standards, with active sensing to provide heating and cooling as required
  • Full HD resolution
  • Space-saving solution ideal for replacing existing signage
  • Customised dynamic digital content
  • Transforms media turnaround times
  • On-line 24/7/365
> Pasi Karppanen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)