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Taking on tomorrow’s challenges today

Identifying how you can succeed in the future, and what you do need to do to succeed, is critical – to success. The new BLARP system developed by Satama and Trainers’ House offers an online, interactive environment for helping businesses do just that.

BLARP – Business Live Action Role Play – is a unique management system for growth-oriented businesses. A business cannot grow profitably unless it can manage three key elements: customers, value, and staff. BLARP has been specifically designed to take into account the mutual dependency and interaction of these elements.

Aimed particularly at people in sales, marketing, and innovation, BLARP integrates growth-generating action into existing business processes and corporate culture. It helps people see their roles more clearly and carry out their tasks more effectively.

What’s it all about?

The BLARP philosophy is based on four core tenets. As past successes do not guarantee future success, you must be able to lead on the basis of future opportunities. This can be achieved through an activity-driven sales culture, systematic prospecting, and continuous cooperation between employees.

By turning these tenets into permanent processes, BLARP supports business all the way from innovation to closing a deal.

Unlike most management software tools, BLARP is a multifocused environment that is as capable of helping sales people achieve more as it is of driving managers do the same. And because success is people-driven, its interface is people-driven as well.

In this respect, it differs from CRM systems, which typically focus on past performance and individual achievements. Sales teams are people-focused and their tools need to be people-focused too.

BLARP is also just at home supporting the needs of marketing personnel and management on their terms. It makes marketing and innovation something that every member of an organisation is involved in, and gives management tools for monitoring performance in real time.

BLARP is a response to the fact that companies are becoming more and more market-driven and that more of their value is being created outside their own organisation rather than inside. This is why it links sales, marketing, management, and peer support through the same interface.

This multifocus approach sets BLARP off from traditional, single-focus systems, and provides users with a broad source of real-time information on things like a company’s sales and marketing activities, its customer base, and its personnel. The underlying idea is to enhance added value across all aspects of an organisation’s operations, not just where it is already doing well.

Getting onboard

The threshold to rolling out BLARP has been designed to be as low as possible. Adopting the system will be easiest in companies that already have a market- and -sales driven philosophy, but others keen to move in this direction are unlikely to experience any issues either.

Thanks to its SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation, the financial threshold to introducing BLARP is also highly manageable – and attractive.

> Santtu Elsinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)