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Advanced remote communication technology for the energy sector

Emtele specialises in linking devices, people, and data, making sense of it, and using it effectively – through scalable data communication and management service solutions. Its technology for the energy sector offers new standards in secure remote network management.

Being able to access and use data speedily is proving more and more essential. Data can be spread over a large variety of devices, workstations, locations, countries, and time zones, however, and different people need access to different parts of it. Advanced M2M – Machine-to-Machine – technology, such as that offered by Emtele can help companies and organisations navigate through this minefield and radically improve efficiency and service levels.

One of the areas to benefit has been health care. Emtele has supplied its Global Telehealth Services (GTS) service technology for a pilot project in Finland, providing consultants with diagnostic data on cardiac patients over the Internet – based on a standards-compliant platform that can handle inputs from a variety of monitoring and measuring equipment.

Emtele’s field network communication solution for energy utilities focuses on providing excellent security and reliability – resulting in savings in travel and logistics costs and giving faster response and reaction times, and a better overall standard of service.

Making more of network resources

In the energy sector, Emtele is a strategic partner for customers keen to increase efficiency and reduce the investments needed for their data and communication infrastructure. Emtele’s solutions simplify the remote control and monitoring of substations and transformers, for example, provide higher quality and availability, and facilitate automatic meter reading. This enables utilities to offer more and better services for their network and their customers.

Emtele’s field network communication service offers an easy-to-manage, scalable, secure, and highly reliable communication infrastructure linking disconnectors, transformers, and electrical substations and network control rooms – via a Managed Remote Communication package and embedded tried-and-tested critical devices and configurations.

Assets can be easily monitored, controlled, and maintained throughout their service life cycle. It is also easy to upgrade the communication bandwidth capacity of satellite-IP equipment when needed, and guarantee high service availability at reasonable cost.

Benefits of an Emtele solution

  • Real-time IP-based connectivity, prioritizing critical data
  • High availability and fault tolerance, with built-in multilayer redundancy
  • Throughput capacity fully tailored to need and availability using standard technologies
  • Network operator and device independency
  • Excellent encryption, authentication, and isolation
  • Comprehensive Web-based interface for managing users, devices, and connections and handling user support, fault response, quality reporting, configuration, and updates
  • Fast response times
  • Excellent scalability
  • 5/8 or 24/7 service desk
  • Turnkey design and equipment package, with optional installation service.
> Henry Palonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)