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Keeping it clean

A specialist in fixed-bed biomass gasification technology, Puhdas Energia supplies systems for small- and medium-scale bioenergy generation and distributed power projects.

Puhdas Energia – also known as Absolute Energy – develops and markets biomass gasifiers that add value by reducing energy costs and emissions. All of its solutions are based on the company’s patented gasification technology, which solves the major problems related to the use of fixed fuel in general and fixed-bed gasification in particular.

Puhdas Energia’s technology does this by preventing backfiring in the feed system. Air in the gasifier is pre-heated and fed into the gasification zone without the use of nozzles. The result is a much better-controlled process and a greatly reduced risk of mechanical damage – and some of the cleanest biopower currently available.

The technology is particular well-suited to small- and medium-scale decentralised power generation in a world that is increasingly concerned about the greenhouse effect and rising oil and electricity prices.

The process in Puhdas Energia’s PE-SG1 syngas set.
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Fully automated solutions

Puhdas Energia offers fully automated biomass gasification-based solutions for industrial applications and combined heat and power generation in the 1-5 MW range – built around its patented 1 MW downdraft gasifier.

Thanks to the modular design of this unit, up to five can be connected together – to generate low-cost process heat, convert sawmill and wood processing waste into energy, help electrify rural areas, or provide space heating.

Puhdas Energia’s gasification technology is a highly effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and make more of everything from wood chips and pelletised sawdust to sugar cane bagasse, rice husks, nutshells, and olive waste.

Solutions offered by the company include synthetic biogas plants for industrial applications or gas networks or engine generator applications, and combined heat and growth enhancement (CO2) applications for greenhouses.

For demanding applications, the hot gas emerging from the gasifier is conditioned using electrostatic precipitator (ESP) filtering. This is very effective at removing particulates and tar droplets – and overcomes the shortcomings with bag house filters, sawdust filters, packed bed scrubbers, and water scrubbers in small-scale gasification.

As a result, Puhdas gasification systems produce very little or no tar under optimum operating conditions.

> Pertti Wathen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)