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More power from the wind

WinWinD wind turbines are designed for conditions where high reliability and availability are critical. Thanks to their modern technology, WWD turbines are capable of generating electricity efficiently, even in low wind conditions.

Winwind Oy’s objective has been to develop efficient, reliable, and maintenance-friendly wind turbine solutions, with the potential for extensive further development.

Drawing on more than 20 years of German experience in wind turbine development, and Finnish expertise in wind turbine components and energy generation, the company has created a new generation of wind turbines using Multibrid® technology. These include a 3 MW design, to address the growing demand for high-output units capable of truly making wind power a force to be reckoned with on a bigger scale.

WWD turbines are based on state-of-the-art technology, with an integrated power unit featuring a highly reliable planetary gear system and a slowly rotating generator. This approach combines the best features of direct drive and high-speed gearbox systems.

The low rotational speed of the power unit ensures a long service life. Units have a low maintenance requirement, and all service can be carried out on-site, without the need for expensive equipment.

The largest WinWinD unit has a rated output of 3 MW. Units of this size, with a hub height of 100 metres and a rotor diameter of 100 metres, are expected to be the fastest-growing segment of the market in the future.

Life cycle thinking to the fore

The emphasis is on solutions that offer the best yield over the entire life cycle of an installation.

Many customers have appreciated this focus on life-cycle thinking – and recent contracts include deliveries to customers in Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, and France.

Typical of these is an agreement to supply Eesti Energia in Estonia with 3 MW wind turbines for the country’s largest wind park, which will also be the largest in the Baltic countries. With 13 turbines, the Aulepa wind park will have a rated capacity of 39 MW and be capable of generating over 100 GWh of electricity annually, eliminating the emission of 120,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Networking is important

Although Finland has a strong base in wind power technology, with extensive expertise in drives and materials tailor-made for wind power, for example, Winwind Oy is the country’s only total solution provider in the business.

Expert component suppliers and a network approach that maximises local content, while keeping core activities in-house, lie at the heart of the company’s approach. This ensures that wind farm owners have access to the technical expertise they need locally, and also offers significant opportunities to local industry in countries where WinWinD turbines are installed.

> Erkki Kunnari
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)