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One-stop shopping for high-tech engineering products and services

SabriScan has developed an operating model designed to guarantee manufacturers competitive capacity, access to the best technology, and new approaches to manufacturing. Sabriscan sees its role as that of a ‘network engine’, responsible for providing customers with what they need, when they need it faster and more competitively than by using more conventional means.

Climate change, the world’s ever-increasing need for conventional and new types of energy, rising oil prices, and other megatrends are creating new needs and new opportunities. Globalisation is increasing the need for more and better logistics, for example, while rising standards of living in countries such as China and India are resulting in higher demand for energy and other commodities.

Growing world demand is resulting in ever-broader product ranges and shorter and shorter product cycles, and tougher competition by the day. New types of service and added value are essential to meet these new challenges.

As a major Finnish tool supplier and long-time technical trade specialist, with a highly networked business model, SabriScan can leverage its expertise to offer cutting-edge added value to its customers in the engineering sector and others.

SabriScan’s aim is to offer its customers turnkey services and products on a one-stop shop basis – through its own production base and a global network of partners.

Benefits for a range of customers

SabriScan began looking at how it could extend its 3D-based production management expertise to other areas of the engineering sector at the beginning of the current decade. This analysis rapidly revealed that the needs of producers of power transmission systems, particularly gearboxes and similar units, shared much in common with those of tool and mould manufacturers, the company’s core customers up until then.

SabriScan was the first to launch a 3D-based manufacturing technology that it now offers on an OEM basis for gearboxes and gear drives worldwide. This offers faster and more efficient manufacturing times than conventional technologies – and also makes it much faster and easier to increase production capacity if this becomes a priority.

All in all, this approach can benefit a wide range of customers – in the transport and logistics systems area, the commodities sector, energy generation, and many others operating globally or regionally.

For companies manufacturing their own products, SabriScan offers not only its own advanced production capacity, but also technology packages, by networking with some of the leading players in a number of different fields. SabriScan can supply a customer with production cells, machine tools, software, and training for in-house manufacturing, for example, and produce strategic parts as part of an outsourcing contract to complement in-house work.

SabriScan’s project services can include OEM manufacturing on its customers’ behalf in Finland and access to capacity in China and India to meet the needs of specific projects and/or contracts, or the production of complete subsystems.

> Jari Kokkonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2008)