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Beyond simple filtration

Desinfinator’s advanced Dry Disinfection System (DDS) is the result of extensive R&D and close cooperation with laboratories and air cleaning specialists, and is capable of removing a broad spectrum of impurities, making for a more hygienic and pleasant environment.
Desinfinator Oy Ltd.

The importance of clean indoor air cannot be overstated. Living and working in a clean-air environment is not only better in terms of health and hygiene, it also results in higher energy levels and encourages a more positive mindset. Desinfinator’s patented DDS technology and products have a lot to offer here, as they are capable of eliminating a very wide range of bacteria, mould, spores, pollen, and microparticles from indoor air, surfaces, and foodstuffs – as well as the unpleasant odours that often accompany these impurities. They do this using dry disinfection, which combines one of the most powerful natural disinfectants – UV-C light – with innovative technologies such as special coatings, metal foam, and honeycomb structures. Special filters are employed to remove ozone from the purified air.

How do they work?

Desinfinator’s products use strong ultraviolet light, together with negative ions, to produce hydroxyl molecules in the presence of airborne water molecules, a process that mimics the natural production of hydroxyl in the atmosphere; hydroxyl plays a crucial role in helping keep the earth’s atmosphere free of chemical pollutants.

The hydroxyl produced in a Desinfinator unit breaks down organic material in the air into harmless carbon dioxide and water. No filters or chemicals are used, no harmful waste generated, and no ozone released. Units operate virtually silently and use very little electricity. The result is a very cost-effective method that is also virtually maintenance-free, as UV lamps only need to be replaced around every 8,000 hours.

Where can they be used?

Desinfinator’s products are ideal for a wide range of environments, from offices, airports, shopping centres, hospitals, and cruise ships to industry and food manufacturing.

The Aero Pro, for example, is the first product that enables dry disinfection technology to be installed directly into ductwork, an approach that enables airflows to be treated very efficiently and often results in the removal of virtually 100% of impurities from the air circulated in a building or other structure.

The wall-mounted Aero 600 BM (bacteria and mould) and 600 OD (odour) are lightweight and easy to install, and provide instant protection for specific locations. Further units can be added to handle larger areas.

For kitchens, Desinfinator offers its Degrease Unit, which prevents fat molecules attaching themselves to walls and ceilings, breaking them down into shorter chains, which can be expelled with outgoing airflows, and carbon dioxide and water. Grease levels can be cut by up to 87%, resulting in improved hygiene and significant savings in maintenance and cleaning costs.

Exhaustive tests have shown that Desinfinator’s products offer excellent performance in eliminating notorious problem bacteria, such as E.coli and B.subtilis, by as much as 99.8% during the first pass.
> Christer Enqvist
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)