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Introducing the ultimate damper

Sammet Dampers is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of industrial dampers, and Sammet-brand dampers are used in more than 60 countries worldwide today.
Sammet Dampers Oy

Sammet Dampers offers a wide range of dampers for a variety of applications, including regulating, isolating, disc, safety, guillotine, sealing, and heat-resistant dampers. The Sammet Disc Damper, for example, is designed to isolate dust-laden gases in pulp and cement production, metallurgical processes, and oil-fired and coal-fired power plants. These units are often used before and after electrostatic precipitators, and enable personnel to service an ESP without unnecessary stoppages.

Sammet delivered its first disc dampers during the 1980s, and since then has evolved into a front-line partner for major boiler and gas cleaning system manufacturers, with hundreds of units installed in countries such as India, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, China, and Indonesia.

VTT has joined forces with industrial and research partners to develop new energy generation technology that can help reduce energy use and emission.
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Robust and effective

Sammet Disc Dampers incorporate a number of unique features – many of which are patented – to provide maximum performance and reliability, safe operations, and easy maintenance.

In basic terms, a Sammet Disc Damper consists of a casing, a disc, and an actuator. Throttling is negligible when the damper is open, as the disc is raised against the wall of the valve casing. This means that pressure drops are low, and ensures efficient utilisation of damper capacity. Raising the disc in this way also protects the actuating mechanism from fouling and wear caused by dust-laden gas.

Sammet Disc Dampers occupy very little space outside ducts and can be easily incorporated into existing ducting using a simple flange connection. Standard units are available for rectangular ducts, as well as circular and custom sizes. Customers can select from electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual actuator options.

Ensuring solid future performance

Sammet’s fully computerised, semi-automated 3D-design system includes applications for optimising property, stress, and flow parameters for the needs of specific projects – resulting in customised products that can be delivered rapidly and can be relied on to perform very reliably in the field.

The company’s 25 years of experience, ISO 9001-certified quality system, and ongoing R&D programme ensure that its products stay ahead of ever-stricter emission norms. Research projects with leading laboratories and research institutes, together with customer feedback, also play an important role; and Sammet works particularly closely with manufacturers of boiler, pulping, and flue gas cleaning systems.

The precise control and isolation of gases offered by Sammet’s dampers enable customers to achieve higher capacity utilisation rates and operate more cost-effective processes.
> Arto Korhonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)