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Revamping your protection

Vamp will add the VAMP 50 series of low-end protection relays to its product range in 2009. Based on a proven technology concept, the VAMP 50 series was developed in close cooperation with customers.

The introduction of VAMP 40 feeder and motor protection relays in early 2006 proved a big success and brought new business opportunities and customers for Vamp in the high-volume end of the market. Encouraged by the positive feedback received from the field, the company decided to pursue this avenue further and develop a completely new range of low-end relays adding complementary functionality to the existing offering: the VAMP 50 series.

The VAMP 50 family of overcurrent and earth fault relays offers comprehensive protection and a user-friendly interface.

The VAMP 50 family

The first product in the new series will be the VAMP 50 overcurrent and earth fault protection relay, which has been developed to cover basic protection needs for OEM, utility, and industrial applications. Thanks to its cost-effective and flexible design, the VAMP 50 will provide an excellent alternative for low-end protection applications.

The VAMP 50 arc option is designed to enable extremely rapid exchange of light and current information with other VAMP 50 devices or a VAMP 221 arc protection system via a modular inter-station bus located between relays. It will be possible to connect up to three supervised arc point sensors to the arc option module, giving trip contact activation in less than 7 milliseconds from the occurrence of an arc flash fault.

The other members of the VAMP 50 family will be the VAMP 51, with enhanced control functionality, such as an auto-recloser; the VAMP 52, offering combined protection functions for feeders and motors; and the VAMP 55, for voltage and frequency protection applications.

User-friendliness has always been a feature of Vamp products, and the VAMP 50 series will be no exception.

The new Vamp 50

  • Completely new interface, with an easy-read display and eight LEDs to indicate key information, two user-defined function buttons, and a USB port for local configuration
  • Multilingual support made possible by a Unicode display and user-configurable legend texts for LEDs and function buttons
  • Flexible I/O options, including additional DI/DO channels, complete arc protection functionality, or mA output. All I/O option functionality is self-adaptive
  • Flexible communications options, including an interface that supports RS 232, RS 485, fibre optics, Ethernet, and native IEC 61850. Self-adaptive functionality
  • Ideal dimensions for retrofits, as the cut-out for the panel door is the same or similar to many relays that were rectified 20-30 years ago.

Vamp’s arc protection systems operate much faster than conventional protection relays and keep any damage caused by an arc short circuit to a minimum – maximising the safety of operating personnel, reducing the need for repairs, and ensuring that the power supply can be restored rapidly.

> Jarkko Holmlund
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)