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Truly dust-free sanding solutions

KWH Mirka is recognised as a world leader in innovative abrasive technology. Within the space of a little over 60 years, the company has evolved from a modest trading business into one of the world’s largest abrasive manufacturers. Thanks to patented, groundbreaking products, Mirka is now the number-one choice for outstanding abrasive performance.

A strong focus on R&D has enabled Mirka to develop a comprehensive range of technically superior, high-quality abrasives and associated products. Together, these offer innovative ‘total solutions’ that deliver real benefits to customers in terms of speed, efficiency, surface finish, and cost-effectiveness.

Alongside an intensive R&D programme, another cornerstone of Mirka’s success has been its commitment to talented personnel across all areas of the business. Mirka’s people are encouraged to challenge traditional concepts and apply creative thinking to develop unique solutions that give customers a clear edge. This has resulted in the development of revolutionary abrasive technology and groundbreaking new coating production techniques.

Mirka is the world’s first abrasives manufacturer to develop a dust-free sanding solution that really is dust-free – based on Abranet®, a patented material that contains thousands of tiny holes that prevent disc surfaces from becoming clogged.

Delivering on dust-free sanding

Mirka’s range includes a number of patented, exclusive abrasive products not available anywhere else.

With its NETsanding™ concept, for example, Mirka became the first abrasives manufacturer to develop a dust-free sanding solution that actually achieves what it sets out to do – sand without dust!

The concept is based around a patented sanding material consisting of a dense ‘net’ structure with thousands of tiny holes that allow dust and other particles to be vacuumed away very efficiently. Not only does this prevent disc surfaces from becoming clogged, it also results in a cleaner workplace as well.

Two products using NETsanding™ technology – Abranet® and Autonet™ – have proven so superior to traditional systems in terms of their dust-free surface finishing performance that they have already changed many people’s perceptions of sanding.

The NETsanding™ advantage

Abranet® offers significantly better abrasion, greater efficiency, and a longer lifespan than conventional abrasives; and produces extremely uniform sanding patterns and a perfectly smooth surface finish. Designed to maximise efficiency and minimise cost in a variety of applications, it is ideal for manufacturers producing everything from cars, trucks, planes, and trains to boats and wind turbines.

Its consistent performance, reliability, and versatility with steel, aluminium, wood, and composites make Abranet® ideal for modern production processes, and reduces the need for costly repair sanding.

Using NETsanding™ technology and its patented dense network of polyamide fabric threads for bonding abrasive grit, Autonet™ was launched recently to address the special needs of the automotive aftermarket. Thanks to its ability to remove dust from the area being worked across the entire abrasive surface, users can see exactly how work is progressing, giving them greater control over what they are doing and helping prevent problems such as over-sanding.

NETsanding™ products have revolutionised the abrasives market, thanks to the benefits they offer in terms of a safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient alternative to traditional paper abrasives – and Mirka has set its sights on gradually replacing traditional abrasives with NETsanding™ products.

Complementary products and technical support

In addition to its unique abrasive products, Mirka also offers a class-leading range of complementary products, such as sanding machines, backing pads, and hand sanding blocks – all specially developed for use with Mirka abrasives and designed to give maximum performance with all types of sanding.

Machines and tools that are comfortable and easy to use day in, day out are essential for professionals, which is why Mirka has concentrated on user friendliness and ergonomics, as well as performance and efficiency.

Mirka enjoys a good reputation for its customer and technical support. Customer training is offered both at the company’s own product development department, as well as on site, enabling sanding processes to be optimised for the needs of individual customers and giving Mirka valuable feedback from the field.

Autonet™ offers major benefits for the automotive aftermarket.
> Göran Höglund
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)