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Advanced remote management

Emtele specialises in global machine-to-machine solutions for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and operations. The company’s solutions transcend the limits imposed by proprietary technologies, national borders, and time zones to provide utilities such as Vattenfall with a new generation of remote capabilities.

Working with its strategic partners, Emtele offers unique, cost-effective global services for numerous applications, drawing on the latest advances in areas such as satellite communications, mobile networks, and carriergrade IT services – for customers in health care, energy distribution, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing.

Emtele solutions make use of the latest technologies to offer the energy sector new standards of secure remote network management.

Emtele has a lot to offer the energy sector in particular, as the demand for guaranteed supply availability continues to grow, with more and more systems becoming automated and computer-based. Complete service packages have been developed in collaboration with ABB Distribution Automation and ABB Power Systems/ SAS, for example.

Enhanced capabilities

One of those in the energy industry to choose Emtele technology has been Vattenfall, a leading European energy company, with operations in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Poland, and a company known for its innovativeness.

Vattenfall has decided to upgrade the reliability of its Finnish distribution network using Emtele’s remote communication technology, awarding the company a 10-year contract to control its almost 2,000 substations and reclosers remotely.

Emtele’s turnkey solution makes use of several mobile network technologies –satellite services provided by Hughes Network Services, broadband flash OFDM, Digita’s @450 network, Elisa’s GPRS service, and network devices from Viola Systems – to run Vattenfall’s SCADA remote control system.

This new remote control capability will give Vattenfall much enhanced potential to guarantee electricity supply even in crisis situations, such as severe storms, when large numbers of trees can fall on power lines. The new system will enable damaged sections to be bypassed by opening and closing the affected lines remotely. Emtele and Vattenfall have agreed to work together to leverage additional capabilities in the future.

Flexible solutions

Emtele’s field network communication solutions provide a scalable, secure, redundant, and 2-way communication infrastructure linking disconnectors, transformers, substations, and network control rooms, offering:

  • Real-time IP-based connectivity, prioritising critical data
  • High availability and fault tolerance, with built-in multilayer redundancy
  • Throughput capacity tailored to need and availability
  • Network operator and device independency
  • Excellent encryption, authentication, and isolation
  • Comprehensive Web-based interface
  • Fast response times
  • 5/8 or 24/7 service desk.
> Hannu Martikainen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)