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Keeping on track wirelessly

Tana is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solid waste management technology, with a product distribution network covering more than 35 countries today. As part of its commitment to continually extending the capabilities of its products, the company now offers Tana Pro Track, a remote management system.

Currently available for the Tana Gx series of landfill compactors and Tana Shark waste shredders, Tana Pro Track enables Tana to give its customers a better level of support by saving time, simplifying troubleshooting, and ensuring more machine uptime.

Machines fitted with a transmitter linked to a vehicle control system via a CAN bus or other communications port and a GSM antenna can connect to the Internet wherever access is available to provide a readout of fault codes, machine usage history, changes in configuration parameters, or download software updates.

Machine-specific information, stored and tracked in a protected dedicated database, can then be used to generate automatic reports on operating costs. Monthly operational reports sent via email detailing parameters such as total hours worked, load, idle time, and fuel consumption are available as an option.

The Tana Pro Track Service Pack helps maximise machine uptime by enabling remote troubleshooting, providing immediate access to a machine’s service record, and speeding up reaction times to alarm situations. Maintenance reminders and critical alarm notifications are supplied by email as part of the service.

More effective compaction

Tana Pro Track includes a further option, known as the Tana Production Assistant, specifically for Tana Gx compactors.

Requiring an additional global positioning system (GPS) unit, this gives operators detailed information accurate down to 20 centimetres on the specific area of the site they are working on, including warnings on things such as the location of gas collection wells. GPS data is logged every two seconds to ensure the maximum safety of both operators and vehicles. The placement of individual loads is also logged to help monitor progress on filling plans.

The new generation of Tana Shark slow-speed mobile shredders offers six programs for different materials and can be equipped with the Tana Pro Track remote management system.

Exclusive technology

The success of Tana’s products is based on a number of technological innovations that mark them off from their competitors.

The Tana Roller Compaction (TRC) system lies at the heart of Tana Gx compactors. This combines two full-width drums, a rigid frame, and extremely durable crushing teeth to produce highly uniform compaction and a smooth surface – with less driving back and forth and less cover soil.

Tana Shark shredders offer unique versatility, and are the only shredders with an adjustable screen underneath the rotor for regulating particle size. This results in highly uniform particles in a broad range of sizes. The high torque of a Tana Shark means that it can shred tough, long, and batten materials that none of its competitors can. Smooth operating performance is guaranteed by the Tana Control System (TCS).

> Mirja Yli-Erkkilä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)