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Managing HR resources more effectively

SAIMA offers a comprehensive and innovative range of tools for managing HR services and overall HR-related operations – all of which can be used together seamlessly or as individual modules, depending on customers’ requirements.

SAIMA software covers employer needs in areas ranging from recruitment, competence management, and sourcing temporary personnel to logging working hours and creating shift plans.

As ASP (Application Service Provisioning) products, customers only need to lease the modules they need and can add more for the combination that suits their needs best as their requirements change. This ensures that systems can be up and running rapidly, with a minimum amount of training, and keeps costs in check as well.


The SAIMA HR package combines software modules and HR services, and is customised to meet the specific needs of individual customers, whether large or small, and the targets they have set for enhancing the efficiency of their HR management. Customers have the choice of either leasing software and having SAIMA provide various expert services to help leverage its potential, or purchasing project-specific access to SAIMA’s systems for as long they need.

Customers can deploy SAIMA software in modules as their needs develop, thanks to Application Service Provisioning (ASP), and benefit from easy, risk-free, and cost-effective access to quality HR solutions.

SAIMA can help its customers sift through and analyse job applications, for example, provide tele phone and other services for job-seekers, and tools for managing things like overtime and calling up people to handle short-term labour requirements.

SAIMA also offers recruitment and leased manpower services, telephone and one-on-one interviews, testing and related assessment work, outplacement assistance, internal and external vacancy management, candidate shortlists, and holiday cover management. The scope of each assignment is always agreed in detail ahead of time to ensure a good match of needs and resources, whether software and/or services.

A better approach

SAIMA has also developed SAIMA SPS, an operational management system to facilitate and enhance the activities of personnel service companies and save on resourceand time-related costs.

Accessible via the Internet, like all SAIMA systems, SAIMA SPS includes modules for recruitment, administering temporary personnel, customer relationship management, and logging numbers of hours worked. The system enables customer accounts, assignments, and job applications to be managed centrally – anywhere, any time. Like SAIMA’s other initiatives, this type of innovative integration of professional HR services and leading-edge IT solutions marks a clear break with traditional temporary staffing services.

> Hanna Kaske
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)