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Want to be better-insulated?

Founded in 2000, Adiabatix has developed and patented the Adi-IMS® insulation module system for industrial use. Customers around the world use the technology today in a wide variety of marine, offshore, power, and process applications.

With rising energy costs and the pressure on to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, the need for good, quality insulation is becoming evermore important.

Better insulation guarantees fewer temperature variations in industrial processes and contributes to better end-product quality. The costs involved in installing well-designed insulation and keeping it well-maintained will pay themselves back quickly. A better-insulated environment is also a definite plus for personnel, in terms of enhanced occupational safety and better working conditions.

The patented Adi-IMS® insulation module system was the first product to be launched by Adiabatix, and has been joined by Adi-XP®, Adibox®, and Adi-Fbox® spray shielding, and Adi-SiSu site surveys to identify problem areas prior to design and installation. The latest product is Adi-NG, for nuclear power environments.

Easy to install

Adi-IMS® insulation modules are intended for industrial locations where durable, good-quality insulation is called for, and have been designed to be easy to install and remove and re-install during maintenance outages. The time needed for installing and removing Adi-IMS® units is much shorter than that needed with conventional insulation products, and no specialist tools or techniques are required. In fact, the only tool normally needed is a standard hex key.

In sensitive locations where unauthorised access needs to be prevented, Adi-IMS® modules can be equipped with a special locking system.

The system’s modularity and the guaranteed availability of spare parts means that systems can be modified or repaired both easily and cost-effectively.

Extending the range

Building on the idea of the original Adi-IMS® system, Adiabatix has developed Adi-XP® for insulating engine and other exhaust ducts and pipework subject to high temperatures. Also capable of handling high levels of vibration, Adi-XP installations are SOLAS- and ATEX-certified.

To meet the special needs of exhaust ducts in power plants and ships’ engine rooms, Adiabatix offers its modular Adibox® solution. Adibox® can also be used in industrial processes and with critical process components where there is a need for especially high levels of insulation performance.

For individual pipe runs, Adiabatix’ Adi-Fbox® offers an easy-fit casing to prevent personnel from being sprayed with dangerous substances, such as acid or hot oil, in the event of a flange or valve failing. Insulation can be added to the AdiFbox® if needed.

The Adi-NG insulation module system provides a high-quality, light-weight solution for the special needs of the nuclear industry. Easy to install and remove during annual maintenance outages, it saves time and, perhaps most importantly of all, reduces workers’ exposure to radiation.

Customers use Adi-IMS® technology in a wide variety of applications, including Wärtsilä. One of their advanced fuel cells is shown here fitted with an Adibox®.
> Arto Laasanen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)