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Smart meter data management

Process Vision offers a range of sophisticated systems for energy information management. With more than 15 years of experience and over 100 highly skilled experts dedicated to solving emerging challenges in Europe and Australasia, the company has secured a solid foothold in the energy IT market.

Process Vision has moved ahead rapidly in helping energy companies in Northern and Central Europe tackle their IT challenges with its GENERIS family of products. The GENERIS Energy Information System has proved a great success with a number of national grid companies and leading power exchanges, and the company’s new smart meter data management system is already widely used in Scandinavia.

The GENERIS platform includes tools for meter asset management and measurement data warehousing, as well as balance settlement for network operators – and can easily handle the immense quantities of interval data collected by automatic meter management (AMM) systems and used in validating load settlement amounts and billing customers.

No surprise then that a number of Swedish and Finnish utilities, with a total of over 1.5 million metering points, have selected GENERIS Measurement Data Warehouse for their smart meter date storage and management needs since 2005.

Extendable solutions

Process Vision’s full-scale customer information and billing system has opened up a new era for utilities. The backbone of the system – based on the GENERIS platform and new modules for work flow management, business process modelling, and billing – is now fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CR.

Eneco selects GENERIS

One of the companies to select GENERIS technology has been Rotterdam-based Eneco, which has implemented an energy data management (EDM) system that supports both electricity and gas and includes applications for large-scale metering data management, balance settlement, reconciliation calculations, and B2B market communications covering a total of 4 million metering points.

Eneco and Process Vision commissioned the system in spring 2008, and it has replaced a number of different older platforms and applications. The new system marks a major step up in process management quality and offers a very practical, high-performance solution, enabling allocation and reconciliation to be run for all of Eneco’s metering points several times a day if needed, for example.

The GENERIS toolbox also allows Eneco to see the exact status and data quality of its entire allocation process on a single screen. This represents a very significant advantage compared to earlier, and makes it possible to achieve higher-quality results on time and with fewer resources.

> Simo Makkonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)