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Committed to a cleaner future

Recent acquisitions and investments have given the Formia Technology Group significantly stronger capabilities and potential in the Cleantech area, particularly in terms of emissions treatment and efficient energy and waste-to-energy solutions.
Formia Technology Group Oy

Increasingly strict regulations are being placed worldwide on emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), typically generated in industrial processes that make use of solvents. New requirements to use Best Available Technology (BAT) will cut emission limits further in EU countries.

To help companies meet this challenge, Formia has launched a family of cost-efficient VOC incinerators based on Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) technology. These are designed to deal with the low- and medium-concentration organic solvent emissions typical of industrial painting, gluing, varnishing, and printing processes. Formia’s new incinerators are also suitable for treating industrial odours, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide emissions released by processes used in the pulp and paper and chemical industries.

Formia’s family of Smart VOC incinerators incorporates the latest technology and offers compact, efficient, and competitively priced solutions that are easy to run, require minimum maintenance, and are very cost-effective in terms of operating costs.

The Smart VOC LV is designed for processing low concentrations (<0.5 g/m3) and the Smart VOC TB for higher concentrations (0.5-7 g/m3). The Smart VOC RB, intended for special applications such as soil remediation and odour control, can process VOC concentrations in the 0.6-8 g/m3 range.

All units are very compact and can fit in a standard 20-foot container and process between 20,000 and 30,000 m3 of air an hour.

Highly efficient

Formia’s Smart VOC incinerators require an extremely low level of energy input thanks to their use of a combination of low-temperature catalytic incineration and a high-efficiency proprietary heat exchanger, which reuses the heat generated by the process. By adsorbing low-concentration emissions in an active carbon or zeolite unit, the inherent
energy in lean VOCs can be used for combustion. This low energy input requirement, well below that of competing systems, makes Formia’s incinerators a very attractive choice.

Formia’s Smart VOC incinerators use similar metallic catalysts to those employed in the catalytic converters fitted to cars. Platinum and palladium catalysts gives excellent durability and a very low operating temperature, and have a high tolerance for catalyst poisons. When necessary, the catalysts can be washed in an acid solution to restore their original activity – and Formia guarantees their performance
with a five-year warranty.

Environmentally friendly bioenergy

Formia has been a specialist in handling systems for biomass and recycled fuels for over 30 years – and thanks to the recent acquisition of bubbling fluidised bed (BFB) combustion technology can now offer complete bioenergy plants in the 4-40 MW range.

The company’s offering now includes modular BFB-based bioenergy solutions for heat, steam, and combined heat and power (CHP) plants; modular fuel handling systems for biomass, peat, and crushed municipal waste for plants rated at up to 300 MW; retrofits of fossil fuel-fired plants to fire bioenergy; and lifetime maintenance and technology services.

The competitiveness of BFB technology has grown significantly as a result of ever-tougher environmental legislation and BFB’s ability to handle a very wide range of different fuels, including biomass and recycled material. Traditionally more associated with larger plants, Formia can now offer BFB technology for smaller applications – and help promote the wider use of renewable energy in combating green gas emissions through CO2-neutral energy generation and reducing the need to import fuels.

Formia Bioenergy develops, produces, and markets BFB-based boiler units and material handling systems for combined heat and power plants.

Smart Flow

The various businesses in the Formia Technology Group share a common customer promise, known as Smart Flow, which highlights the importance of providing customers with smart business processes, whether they use Formia’s emissions control systems, bioenergy and material handling technologies, roll forming systems, or manufacturing partnership services.

  • VOC incinerators for process industry applications are supplied by Formia Emissions Control
  • BFB-based solutions for heat and power plants are supplied by Formia Bioenergy
  • Materials handling systems for heat and power plants and groupage management are supplied by Formia Vesme
  • Contract manufacturing is provided by Formia Lakeus, and 
  • Formia Construction supplies roll forming and sandwich panel lines for the steel construction industry.
> Petteri Korpioja
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)