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Saving water makes sense

Water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource worldwide, as demand increases and supplies become depleted or polluted. The pressure is on to find better ways of reducing water consumption. Eko Veto’s solutions are capable of cutting usage through a simple, yet very effective approach.

All of Eko Veto’s water-saving solutions start with a survey to establish the existing level of consumption in individual homes or buildings, investigate any leaks, determine the savings potential, and examine the condition of drainage and wastewater systems. This is followed up by a list of proposed measures for cutting water usage.

Techniques for helping us use less water like those offered by Eko Veto can make a valuable contribution to ensuring that there is enough water for everyone in the future.

After these have been accepted or modified, the next stage involves adjusting taps to reduce their flow rates and fitting toilets with water savers. Maintenance work is also carried out on fittings and fixtures where necessary, and checks made after installation to ensure that any leaks have been eliminated. When the work is complete, owners or building managers are supplied with a report detailing what faults were found and the corrective measures that have been taken.

Clear benefits

To date, Eko Veto has delivered solutions to close to 20,000 homes in Finland. Follow-up surveys have shown that well over 90% of users have been satisfied with the result and the hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of water that have been saved.

Eko Veto’s Water Saver™ units installed in toilets have proved their ability to give better results than the conventional technique of simply reducing water volume. Adjusting the flow rate of taps using Eko Veto’s technique is also more beneficial than aerator nozzles or similar products. The latter can impose significant extra load on a system, resulting in considerable wear and tear over time.

The Eko Veto advantage

The Eko Veto Water Saver™ comes in four different models, suitable for virtually all toilets. Operating steplessly, they use between one-tenth of a litre and nine litres per flush, compared to a normal toilet, which uses between six and nine litres for every flush. Flushing is also more effective in a toilet equipped with a Water Saver™, as mechanical play is eliminated. Based on a typical service life of 30 years, an Eko Veto WC Water Saver™ can save over 130,000 kilograms of natural resources during its lifetime.

Adjusting the flow rates of showers and taps in kitchens and bathrooms typically results in slightly lower-than-standard rates – allowing for differences between different types of fixtures, water hardness, fluctuations in water pressure, and other factors – and can generate up to a 20% saving in water consumption. Assuming an average person uses 155 litres of water a day, this translates into a saving of around 226 m3 for a two-person household over 10 years.

> Pasi Ellonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)