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Greener golf

Very easy to use and very versatile, the Actioneco mower sets a new standard in grounds care, and costs a fraction of conventional machines to run. By combining Actioneco’s mowers with the company’s new wind power solution, a golf course can achieve zero-energy maintenance.

The Actioneco represents a new generation of grounds upkeep machine. Electrically powered, it completely eliminates the exhaust fumes and trace oil and grease left behind on the ground by conventional machines, and is virtually silent as well, benefiting operators, players, and anyone living nearby.

A li-ion battery, together with high-efficiency AC servo drives on each of its three wheels and lightweight construction, enables an Actioneco to give a full eight hours of service on one charge, typically costing in the order of one euro. Recharging takes just a couple of hours, and the battery can be recharged thousands of times before needing to be replaced.

Highly versatile

The Actioneco’s high-torque servo drives enable the unit to take inclines in its stride and provide very precise speed adjustment, while a smart electronic control system means that operators can turn the three-wheel unit virtually on a dime, by engaging one of the front wheels in forward drive and the other in reverse. Electronic traction control prevents the machine from leaving any unsightly skid marks on a pristine fairway or green.

Electronic control is also used to regulate the height of the machine’s cut, from as little as 1.5 mm to 50 mm – while on the move – to give a very exact cut and ensure automatic clippings collection and spreading.

As the mowing unit can be removed and replaced by other attachments, the Actioneco is ideal for virtually any upkeep job, eliminating the need for different machines for different duties.

All functions, including steering, are controlled via a joystick.

The seat can be turned in any direction desired, and even reversed, enabling an Actioneco to be operated reverse-first if needed.

Zero-energy profile

To reduce operating costs even further and provide an even more ecologically friendly solution, Actioneco also now offers Eagle wind turbine systems for charging Actioneco machines and other energy needs around a golf course. These lightweight, energy-efficient units can deliver 2 to 100 kW of power and up to 30% more output than conventional small wind turbines, thanks to their ability to start up at low wind speeds of 2-2.5 m/s and achieve full output at only 8.5-11 m/s. Their direct drive design and permanent magnet generators also mean service-free operations.

The electrically powered Actioneco opens up a new era in upkeep for golf courses.

Comprehensive range

  • Actioneco 3AWD/3C greens mower with three cutting units
  • Actioneco 4AWD/5C fairways mower with five cutting units
  • Actioneco 4AWD/7C fairways mower with seven cutting units
  • All mowers feature reel cutting and electronic height adjustment, as well as a quick-fit system for attaching rotary and verticut units
  • Actioneco WB/1C walk behind greens mower with a single reel cutting unit and electronic height adjustment.
> Mauno Keski-Luopa
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)